Clearing out the demon

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One of the burdens of having written a blog for some years is that when you stop for a while people read into it something that isn’t there. Apparently, silence about urgent world events – or, in my case, developments in the church – means I am a coward or unwilling to commit (despite regular media engagement on these issues). It is always interesting to me that the first (rather than the last) assumption is my obvious lack of integrity.

The real reason, of course, is more prosaic: I have not had the time or head space to hit the keys. Starting a new role in less-than-ideal circumstances, then moving house and settling into a new one (most of which is office or ‘public’ space), shifts the immediate priorities.

So, here is a bullet point observation on some of the things that have gone on recently, or are going on…

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2 thoughts on “Clearing out the demon

  1. I have read NB’s blog. I cannot accept some of the statements regarding Israel’s defence of its people, statements that appear directly lifted from the propaganda of the media. If Hamas were not the political authority in Gaza, which other proscribed terror group would be in its place; Hezbollah? Would they be any different? You have to ask why the current Egyptian Government have closed The Raffa Gate, I don’t hear the question raised, therefore there is no discussion about it. It does not mean though that it is not relevant; it is highly relevant.

    Why were three Jewish boys kidnapped and murdered? Why did Hamas choose this particular time to provoke the war? One thing is for sure, the free access to materials with which to increase the tunnel network and stockpile war materials through Egyptian territory was closed off when the Moslem Brotherhood was removed from power. What to do therefore, with what Hamas had stockpiled, to obtain maximum effect at home and on the world at large.

    Hamas were levered off the front of the world stage by the horrors in Syria which continue together with the refugee crisis the war there has engendered.Those poor people and the surviving children need help. Boka Haram has taken centre stage too; IS and their religious massacres would have had more prominence but for the gross manipulation of Hamas to obtain the media attention and reaction they wanted. Hamas gauged that the human suffering, the ‘collateral damage’, the mayhem they fully expected as an eventual response to their continued rocket fire into Israel was worth pushing for.

    If we had people coming up through tunnels in our cities with bombs and guns, would we welcome them… I don’t think so. We would defend ourselves to best maximum effect.

    I am desperately sorry for the innocents affected and caught up in all wars. Like lots of people, I do what I can to support those truly brave people who go and work with the charities which are trying to ameliorate the suffering around the world today.

    I do agree that the reverberations of all the conflicts will go down the generations. How those generations will react, is anyone’s guess.


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