On Friday, the day before our son’s wedding, we were invited to attend the Russian tradition of ‘selling the bride’ (his bride is Russian!) 
So we duly arrived at the house, in time to watch Son go through his ordeal

The Russian relatives taped up the gateway, and told him he couldn’t come in – and he couldn’t climb over, under or through … Son’s best man whipped out his car keys, which turned out to make an excellent saw  

So he got into the house, but then he had to come up the stairs … and there were paper footprints all the way up, each with a question about his bride to be.  He had to answer them correctly:  and if he didn’t, he had to pay a forfeit.  At this point I gleefully informed him that I had left my purse at home so there was no use applying to Mum for the readies

Bride meanwhile has to stay out of sight, upstairs …

He got the first question right – his beloved’s birthday.  Easy peasy!  But then he fell at the second fence – what day of the week was she born??

He paid a pound.

Then, what time of day was she born? … another fail, but this time the Best Man produced a bribe –

Then – what was her favourite sport at school?  He got it wrong … another pound …

– and, what was the favourite toy she used to take to primary school?  … another bribe was necessary …

lego flowers

Finally, he got upstairs.  And was confronted with a fresh set of challenges.  First he had to work out which was her handprint from a set on a piece of paper … he got that right

– and then, which are her lips???????????   
lip prints
Best Man offers to pick up the paper and measure them against son’s mouth … but not necessary

Next, which of these baby photos are of his beloved?? baby photos

These he gets right!  So he finally gets what he’s come for:  a bride he has bought for a pineapple, some lego flowers, and 3 quid –
– and out came the best champagne I’ve ever had

What a brilliant way to start the festivities!


21 thoughts on “SELLING THE BRIDE

  1. What wicked fun, hope the weather stays fine and all goes well tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you and look forward to some pictures of the happy couple, take care xxxx


  2. What FUN!!!! 🙂 What a lovely tradition and such a good ice-breaker when meeting the potential in-laws for the first time! 🙂

    Awww…….. how lovely lovely!!! 🙂


  3. That’s quite a parcel of new knowledge. When does groom-to-be divulge?

    It is very funny. Humour is a great way to start off the marriage celebrations.

    Imagine my surprise when at a Jewish wedding, both mothers walked behind the bride, ( the walkway was rather narrow else it might have been three abreast) each mother was holding the most enormous pair of of lit alter candles. They must have been heavy as well as tall. The bride’s family were from Eastern Europe. Accompanying the bride to the wedding canopy in this manner was a tradition directly lifted from the Eastern Orthodox Church, where the bride walks to the alter in the same style to be wed.

    Tradition, tradition…..



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