Sometimes I worry about how gullible the Christian public is here in the west. We are such suckers for hard-luck stories and it is far too easy to pull the wool over our eyes. We need to make much more effort to research the stories that come our way, to look into people’s backgrounds, to remember that we are all sinners, and that we’re not doing anybody any favours by putting them on pedestals. Nor are we helping when we don’t want to hear ‘the other side’, preferring our own simplistic, black-and-white versions. Yet we’re promised the Holy Spirit to lead us into ‘truth’. We of all people should not make the truth a casualty of our own gullibility and desire for false heroes.


4 thoughts on “GULLIBLE

  1. My recent blog deals with the beginnings of the current Israel-Gaza fighting. See here:

    Gullibility, ignorance and myopia all play a part in behaviours. I do wish, so much, that people were more knowledgeable and analytical, to be able to avoid being sucked into the media manipulations. So many prefer to take entrenched positions. Monochromatic vision is simple, it draws a comfortable veil over complexity.


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