When we left Ian and our daughter last Friday, there was talk of sending him home early the following Wednesday.

Son then visited him early that afternoon, and he told us later that day that they were thinking of sending him home on Monday or Tuesday instead

Yesterday … IAN WENT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He was put on early discharge, and will be receiving daily treatment from physio and occupational therapists.  He still has serious problems with his eyesight, some with his hearing and some with his balance … but for a guy who was expected to die two and a half weeks ago, for us this is a miracle indeed.  I can’t express adequately my thankfulness and  gratitude to God.


30 thoughts on “HOME!

  1. How marvelous! Many people are astonished, and all those in your family have much rejoicing for this also includes ‘The Wedding’. Has there ever been such a week, whatever would your dear father have said? He has been looking! I hope you get some rest this coming week in order to mull it all over in a nice quiet room. There is much to contemplate for without doubt, this has truly been a miracle for sure. JW XX


    1. Thanks Kegs … news is that he’s weak, and having to do exercises to strengthen his muscles, and he gets tired very easily … but his jokes are as awful as ever 😉


  2. Now the real hard work begins, the slow steady uncrushed progress back to full strength. I am so happy for you all after the undoubted stress that you’ve all been through.


  3. Am so glad he is well enough to be home and I really pray for his complete recovery of sight hearing and balance….. Must be such an enormous relief that he is well enough not to need to be in hospital. Amazing that he has come through and yes…. to appreciate what you have is to be blessed….. xxx


      1. Yay… absolutely….

        Will keep up the prayers for you all. Crikey what a time your family has been having, I do hope it will all calm down and get back to some semblance of normality very soon!!xxx


  4. Great news! You must all be thrilled. Ian will go from strength to strength over time together with the help of the domiciliary/daily therapy regimes and the love and support of his family.



  5. Wonderful…… but possibly a long time before he can work again………… but maybe Ian will turn to art or poetry as he recovers………. it could be an opportunity for new horizons. Praise the Lord .


    1. We certainly do praise him, David, with very full hearts. Our daughter’s been told that if Ian makes a full recovery it will be next year before he can work again.


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