Youngest daughter and I have been getting her and her little boys ready for our son’s wedding this Saturday.  She has got them little grey suits with waistcoats and matching ties, and I was ironing the white shirts.  They are going to look soooooooooo cute … although if Toddler Bunting, who at the age of just 2 is a young man with very strong opinions, stays more than 30 seconds in his tie I shall eat me fascinator :yes:

After 2 weeks with him and his 4 year old brother, I’m not sure I’m going to be too reliable on holding an adult conversation.  I shall just have to concentrate and remember not to say ‘MORE LOCLOC CAKE FOR LALA’ … :crazy:

Daughter will be wearing a full-length, simple blue brocade dress from Monsoon.  Which she picked up in a charity shop for £2.50.  And she looks a million dollars. 

But by far the best news today was … that both boys were able to visit Daddy for the first time in hospital, and Daddy now has no tubes attached to him of any kind, and was able to walk as far as Costa on the ground floor, where, after eating very little for a long time, he tucked into a very large slice of lemon cake.

AND  … that’s not all … there’s talk of allowing him home next Wednesday – when he will have three visits a day from assorted medical support staff.  Astounding progress for a guy who was, quite literally, at death’s door only 2 weeks ago!


26 thoughts on “GETTING READY

  1. A wonderful family with all the ups and the downs of love and worries and thanking the Lord for placing an Angel nearby with his great wings that you can possibly hear once in awhile. I heard them twice. Once during a sudden recovery from six weeks of malaria in Kano, Nigeria. The other woke me up around midnight, it was coming down the corridor in a huge ‘whoosh!’ My loved one had just passed for he was still warm.
    I say ‘there are such things’ dear Gilly. Here’s wishing you and your family many wonderful moments during this wedding week. JW XX


    1. thank you so much, Charlotte. I well remember your story of the angels when your beloved died. My sister had a vision of Ian when he was in an induced coma, and saw 12 angels around his hospital bed. You can imagine what an encouragement and comfort that was to us.


      1. So wonderful, for it helps us remember and not to falter with our belief. Twelve Angels? Oh my that just makes me ‘tingle’ all over. So wonderful and true. Thank you Gilly. JW XX


      2. Yes, she saw it very clearly: 4 on each side of the bed, two at the head, two at the feet, and no space between their wings. They were absolutely silent, and totally focused – she had the strong impression that each had a different job to do in looking after Ian. I now call him ’12-angels’ :yes:


  2. Awwwww…..what a gorgeous post, I’m almost in tears reading it! Well…actually I did have a cry, but such happy, happy tears. That is the BEST news!
    I sure hope you don’t have to eat your fascinator and RESPECT to DIL getting such a fab frock for that price. No wasting money and just looking fabulous!Hope you remember to talk grown up stuff, but actually kid stuff is such fun….for a while! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  3. We had a recent wedding in the family and three year old terrorist in white shirt and cream waistcoat and tie with rose bud attached stayed clean and today the whole day!! Oh well his shirt came out his trousers but to be fair so did most of the grown ups shirts, lol.

    I am sure it will be a fantastic day, filled with joy, laughter and smiles.


    1. Thanks Anne! We’re are now in Bath, just booked in to a guest house, ready for the Russian ceremony of ‘selling the bride’ this afternoon … our new daughter in law to-be is Russian!


  4. That is fantastic news !!
    Hope that you can all enjoy the wedding all the more knowing he is out of danger. 😀
    What a find – that Monsoon dress for £2.50. I love a good bargain !
    Best wishes to you all on the happy occasion xxx


  5. wow… am so pleased to hear your good news re son in law… must be a much lighter weight on your shoulders now and I hope you can all really enjoy the wedding, with your fascinator 8| et al….:) xxx


    1. Thanks, lilo … yes, I do feel as if a ton weight has lifted from my heart :yes: As for the fascinator … all 3 daughters have decided to turn up in them so I must get hilarious picture of us all :))


  6. Brilliant X millions! zillions! Re Ian.

    It is easy to slip back into ‘cabbagification,’ when you’ve been there before. It takes a bit longer to switch over to other types of speech fluency. Who is going to care, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself anyway.


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