Ian is still in intensive care, but now out on the main ward where they also do high-dependency.  He is off all sedation, and off oxygen too and can breathe normally.  He’s very confused and has no idea how ill he’s been or why he’s still in hospital:  but he was sitting up in bed with his glasses on yesterday when Daughter went to see him, and smiled. He is still vomiting everything up so he’s back to being tube-fed, and he’s hallucinating …

The hope now is for him to go on to the stroke ward, where he will receive specialist physiotherapy.  Unfortunately there’s a huge demand for beds on this ward, so he may need to go on to a general ward while waiting.  Obviously this is not ideal so we’re all hoping it won’t happen …

… so huge progress compared to his being at death’s door only a week ago, but still a long way to go.  It remains to be seen whether his short-term memory will repair … and if there will be any brain damage of some kind.

Meanwhile, our magnificent daughters are keeping each other company – they are amazing, so supportive of one another.  We return to Bristol tomorrow for a week, then go straight on to Bath for our son’s wedding a week tomorrow.  After that Hub’s sister and husband, over from Switzerland for the wedding, will drive back here in tandem with us and spend a few days.

I’m praying that I’ll have the physical energy to cope with it all …   Right now I would very much like to crawl into a cool dark room, lie down quietly and not emerge for a loooooooooooooong time …  Should’ve been the sort of insect that turns into a chrysalis.  That would suit me down to the ground


27 thoughts on “LATEST ON SON IN LAW

  1. Saw your post on my mobile but cannot write from that so been thinking of you all and praying for him and then glad to read your more recent post.

    Much love



  2. Our brains are wonderful. I have heard often that should one part of the brain become weak and seems to have lost it’s recall, then another part of the brain will takeover, as long as the ‘owner’ is stimulated by loving friends and family. I was part of a Group who helped to stimulate an older gentleman friend who had suffered a massive stroke. He would become very tired easily, but we were patient and gently took turns two at a time, each afternoon for months. About eight months later he was able to make sentences and his wonderful funny side came back to cheer everyone up. About a year after he was driving again and the only thing left of all was a foot that tended to drag. Dear fellow was himself again because another part of his brain opened up! God is Good!! Love and prayers for you and your beautiful family: May you sleep well again tonight after pondering on all good things that come from patience and belief. JW XX


    1. Prayer means everything, Marian … had some time with some very good friends today – it was just great to be able to relax and talk with them, and we always find a park bench where we can sit and pray.


  3. Thanks for the update! Huge progress…INDEED! May all continue to go well….Patience is the pre-requisite now…..;) Enjoy the ‘break’ for the wedding…and afterwards.Hugs!
    P.S. Love the image of the chrysalis….;)


  4. I have been thinking of you so am really really pleased to hear of such fantastic progress, how amazing in just a week. I hope by next week he will be right as rain, after all you’ve seen what a week can do and he’s young and strong.
    Phew….why does everything happen at once….I totally get you wanting to creep off and re-charge!!!You have my permission to have a large glass of wine or a huge chocolate cake….whatever floats your boat, tonight.
    I shall keep up the positive vibes and hope you get a little peace and quiet. Your girls sound lovely!xxx


  5. What great progress. I’ve been thinking about this. It’s really good of you to give us updates, at such a difficult time.
    I know what you mean about wanting the space and time to go to a dark, quiet corner to curl up in.

    Have a lovely family wedding.


  6. Thank you for the update on Ian, progress clearly a long way to go. Wonderful that your daughters are so supportive of each other.

    I’m wilting in the heat. Take care to get a little time in a cool dark room.


    1. Thanks, Liz. Yeah … I’ve got the door and windows open – we do like our flat, it keeps cool in the heat although it’s much colder in the winter !


  7. Thanks for the update Gilly. He has been in my thoughts today. It sounds as though he is still quite poorly. So I will be continuing to hold him in my thoughts. Have that cold shower and a nice lie down. Take care all of you xxx


  8. I am happy at this news as it looks like your Ian has turned the corner.

    Heat is good as it reduces oil bills towards zero ! I wish Winters were hot.

    Sorry you feel zapped…………….. a long cool shower might refresh you…….. it often does me.

    We will continue to pray for Ian.

    I am so distressed by Israel battering and killing Palestinians and destroying tunnels out of their miserable prison ………… then I thought they crucified Jesus so I shouldn’t be surprised at anything.

    Tomorrow we protest on the high street.


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