Yesterday I saw a daisy

Like a shining mirror of the dawn.
The day before I walked over it without thought.
Yesterday I saw.

(Saunders Lewis, ‘A Daisy in April’)


15 thoughts on “YESTERDAY I SAW A DAISY

  1. Yesterday, was at my old parish for the funeral of one of the oldest parishoners.
    Met up with lots of old friends and it was hugs all round. We grossly underestimate the power of the hug. Whilst receiving many , I was reminded of an incident a few years ago. I had been working in the Rector’s vestry. I came out and reached the centre arch, only to be met by one of our younger parishoners, a widow, and she was obviously upset. I simply held out my outstretched arms, and gave her a hug, and letting her cry on my shoulder. I never said a word. On Wednesday, she reminded me of this hug in front of a crowd. Her father had just passed away, and as she said, she simply wanted someone to be close and listening. ‘I never forgot that moment. That more than anything helped me come to terms with my loss. Thank you, Eric’ she said.
    The number of hugs we got was enormous, and very moving. Next time you greet someone with an ‘airkiss’ consider the power of the hug.


  2. This is beautiful, so often we look but don’t see. I have been peering at daisies this week, no bllom ever escapes my peering eyes! Yes, we do have to try and be in the present, it’s a


  3. :)Lovely! 🙂

    Just been reading about ‘I – it’ and ‘I – you’ responses to others… about being in relationship with the other as oppose to third personning them … similar sort of twirly bits in a way???? :yes:


    1. Cor, that sounds very learned 8| For me it’s about noticing, and appreciating and loving, and being in the moment instead of always thinking about the next thing on the list :yes:


      1. :)) oh alright…. I’m FRIGHTFULLY learned….and stroll round smoking a pipe and peering through a monocle and fingering a fabulous mustash….;) oh… that would be a man. Well….I can have those half-moon glasses and peer sharply over the top at people…with an iron grey bun hairdo and tweed jacket and skirt suit! 🙂


      2. You’re welcome to my moustache if you want it … 8| I say old bean, this is rather good. May I introduce my learned friend, M’lud?? *swagger*


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