Well, D2 is still in hospital, poor thing.  One of the characteristics of pancreatitis is that fluid fills the abdomen and lungs, so she has been on oxygen all week and won’t be discharged until she can lie flat without it   But apart from that she’s making progress, and is back to eating and drinking again, which is good news.

Hub has to go to London today for the thanksgiving service of a relative, so he will go on to visit D2 in hospital, then spend the night at her house and come home tomorrow by train.  If she’s discharged tomorrow that will be good, as he can do some food shopping for her etc and make sure she has everything she needs.  She doesn’t want me to go up and look after her – she’s been avalanched by local offers of help and has said yes to them all!

Meanwhile back here at the ranch … we decided to get our kitchen worktops changed, having struggled for 2 years with the ones that were here when we came.  It’s always a ticklish moment, when the thing you have chosen in the shop arrives in your home – will it be as nice as you hope???   Fortunately yes – I’m delighted with them!

We’ve been blessed with an amazing kitchen fitter, the Hub of the woman who leads our church music group.  He turns up on the dot of when he says he will, everything is organised, he has the electrician on tap who came in the morning to disconnect the hob, and again in the evening to reconnect it … it’s all done beautifully, extra little things added which are of practical help, and he’s cleaned up after him like a pro.  How good is that!
Now I have to springclean the kitchen … no wonder Hub has taffied off to London … there’s always a downside …

(image from mrscarrigan.com)


  1. So sorry you’ve had all that to worry about and deal with re D2… and poor D2…..but I am really glad she is coming out of hospital and has lots of people rallying round. what a stressful time all round, with grand children to be looked after too etc.

    I am so pleased your kitchen surfaces were done beautifully and so on… what a relief…

    I like the cartoon….:)) :))

    hope you get some serious relaxation and a stress free weekend…..HUGS!!!


  2. Forest animals that clean……that sounds fascinating in a bizarre kind of way. You can enjoy your kitchen now.

    Glad to hear D2 is getting better. You’ll be glad to hear hubby’s news and D2 will be pleased to see dad, I am sure.


  3. Pleased tp hear D2 ismaking good progress. She’ll be delighted to see her dad, I’m sure.
    Successful week for you otherwise…..Excellent! Hope the week-end goes well….;) Hugs! x


  4. Sorry to learn that your daughter is in hospital. I hope she makes a very speedy recovery. The thing about a kitchen as soon as you get it clean and neat, someone gets hungry. Before you can count to ten its all muddled up again, I refer of course only to my own kitchen.
    A reliable workman, that’s lucky.


  5. Sorry your D2 is so sick……………I am also trying to recover from an operation for inguinal hernia…………. I hadn’t the slightest idea of how painful and traumatic it is.

    Illness tests one’s faith ! David .


  6. I didn’t realise that your daughter was in hospital. The poor thing. Sounds very unpleasant. Hope she is soon on her feet again. 😀
    And you are lucky to find a good tradesman. They seem to be few and far between. May you enjoy many years of service from your new worktops :yes: x


    1. Yes, she was rushed in the day after we left her – acute pancreatitis. She has had it once before, about 7 years ago. She was much sicker then. This time it’s been treated fast, and the nice thing is that she’s in a hospital where she’s worked for a year, so the staff are all rallying round, visiting her and leaving balloons for her when she wakes up, etc!


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