When Daughter 2 got back from Sierra Leone on Sunday evening, Hub and I decided that we’d leave that night and we arrived home at midnight – it’s over 200 miles, but on Sunday night all the roads were clear and it was the best time to travel.

We were lurching about feeling rather fragile after the non-stop razzamatazz of looking after our grandchildren, not to mention the journey … when we got a phone call from D2.  She was in A and E in her local hospital, with pancreatitis.

She’s had this before, some years ago.  It is a nasty thing and can be very serious.  Lots of praying …!

After an anxious coupla days, we managed to contact her tonight.  She’s had an MRI scan and the medics could not detect anything abnormal or any reason for the flare-up.  There is a possibility that it’s connected to the type of anti-malarials she was taking.

So be warned … if you’re needing to use them, check out the list of side-effects …

Anyhow, she is sounding and feeling much better tonight, and we are very relieved and thankful.

(image from charispsallo.wordpress.com )

20 thoughts on “A BIT OF A WORRY

    1. Thanks! She’s still in hospital and on oxygen – one of the characteristics is that your lungs and abdomen fill with liquid … but she’ll be allowed home once she can lie flat without the oxygen!


  1. Phew! So glad to hear D2 is feeling better, I can imagine how worrying it must have been. Yes some of the side effects for these meds can be scary!
    Hoping you are recovering…..kids sure are draining, in a wonderful kind of way!xxx


  2. What dreadful agony daughter must have been in and what awful tension you must have felt. As you say, side-effects are worth noting. Problem: you may not know you have an ‘intolerance’ until it happens.

    I am happy all ended well. Now try and catch up on some relaxation. xx


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