So I’m-nearly-six-you-know Danny is football mad, and we took him and Wiz to the park with the ball.  Hub and IN6YKD went off to kick the ball around – I watched this with interest as it is some decades since Hub’s foot was in close proximity to a ball… actually, he acquitted himself quite well

Hub wandered off and IN6YKD kicked the ball to me instead.  Without thinking, I kicked it back, several times.

Why does nobody warn you about what happens when your inner 8-year-old meets your arthritic grandmother

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16 thoughts on “KICKING THE BALL

  1. Ooooooffff!!! I felt that!!!I went in goal once when I worked with young offenders up to 21……the first shot I ran away from caught me on the back of the head and nearly knocked me out. I quit there and then!!!xxx


  2. A few years I tried playing tennis with my – then teenage – niece.

    I have never been good at tennis*, but the games teaching at my school was such that all the girls could do stonkingly good serves before we were even allowed to attempt to play a game. I’m not certain that I have ever actually managed to return a ball in play.

    So I did one of my stonkingly good serves, after which I couldn’t move my arm and shoulder without paroxysms of agony for the next three weeks.

    *My proud boast is that, in all my years of school, I never came lower than first in RE, and never higher than last in PE.


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