Recently the vicar asked me to prepare a lady for baptism, because she’d asked for it.  She’s in her 50s, looks after her grandson, and has recently started coming to church.  She has a lot of problems and sad things that have happened to her.

I decided to use a little 6-part course called ‘Start’.  It’s not a baptism preparation course.  I don’t think she’s ready for that yet.  Instead, the Start course begins where people are, with the questions and doubts that they have.  It covers topics like ‘is there a purpose in life?’ ‘Does God exist?’ etc.  The nice thing about it, is that it encourages people to be honest about their opinions, rather than handing them pre-packaged answers to questions they aren’t asking.

For her it’s more like warm-up exercises before deciding whether she wants to ‘start’ the race

We’ll see where we get to!

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  1. I am intrigued about why this lady wanted to get baptised when she doesn’t believe in God ?
    Surely she could still attend church and enjoy being part of that community without needing a baptism ?
    I am sure you will find out about her reasons once you start talking to her :yes:


      1. oh wow……How interesting… well ‘something’ is calling her 🙂 isn’t it!! Wow I hope she has a really amazing conversion and gets the great blast of Holy Spirit and love and everything! 🙂 Yay… lots of prayers for her and she’ll be fine :yes:


      2. Some people think that you should ‘believe before you belong’ and others that you should ‘belong before you believe’ … I just think that it is all a big Holy Spirit mix-up and it’s my job to hang on to His coat-tails and see where he’s going – he is always doing the most unexpected things!!

        Whenever I think about this lady I remember Jesus saying that he would not break a bruised reed or snuff out a smoking flame … I think she is very bruised :yes: so hopefully He will do a little healing.


      3. Am sure under your guidance and with your help she will have the best of all opportunities for the Holy Spirit to do his thang :yes: She is very lucky to have your there :yes:


  2. Anybody without doubts ( on religious questions ) lacks a functioning brain. I would, if it were me being asked, baptize her whatever she believes as long as she is trying to follow Jesus and his teachings. Even the nature of God means many things to different people even churchgoers ! David


  3. It seems a logical and non threatening base place.

    This reminds me of a bit of personal history. Following a request by me to see a vicar, (or, similar representative of the church in question) when, eons ago, I was asked to be a God Parent, a very uncomfortable-looking man, who was probably a similar age to me at that time,visited me on comfortable neutral territory – so I thought – was happier to stand not far from the door in my friend’s apartment, where we had arranged to meet, throughout the time we talked. What on earth did he did he think might happen to him in my esteemed company! The conundrum presented was, apart from wanting certain questions of mine answered, did *I* really want to spend time putting him at ease beforehand!!

    You might ask why he made a ‘home visit’. Answer: the church was undergoing major repair and and refurbishment, which meant, no ecclesiastical admin office was available, (his comfort zone, no doubt) and the baptism was going to be diverted to the Cathedral instead. Er, …should I have been worried in some way about a more elevated ceremonial, if so, no-one gave me any clues about that. Anyway, I wasn’t in the least bit bothered. The whole event would have been just fine by me, on the beach, in the swimming pool or, the back yard, even if it was incorporated into an Easter Service. All I was interested in, was having answers to my questions, sub-questions and any other thoughts that arose regarding the religious and commitment aspects for everyone.

    At least your lot aren’t afraid to connect to these matters of commitment. I wonder if such packages as those that you mention were available as a tool then; I doubt it. Even if it was, young ‘holy man’ would still have needed to know how to best operate with the tool.


    1. Oh dearie me! What an odd experience. I would be overjoyed if godparents took more of an interest in their role!

      I go and visit her in her own home to do the course – that’s standard for us now as it tends to make people feel more comfortable. It’s our job to make that happen for enquirers – not the other way around, as in your experience.

      Ah well. There’s nowt so odd as clergy …


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