No sooner had we arrived home from Italy, than Eldest Daughter, Partner and their 3 kids came to stay – a bit of a challenge in a small flat, but they are lovely and easygoing and we thoroughly enjoyed having them. 

I tend to collect craft things to do when I see them in a sale, and EGD and StepGD both went for the silk painting.  SGD enjoyed it so much that I found her outside on the balcony in the pitch dark painting away.  I went and got Hub’s head torch for her, and here she is – her reflection in the window.

silk painting

I’ve also decided that the bit of garden at the side of the house, where nothing can grow, will make an excellent Grandkids’ Stone Garden.  I’d already collected some flat stones from the beach, and poster paints and clear varnish, so we spent some time painting and varnishing stones and ‘planting’ them on the garden.  I like this project – it means that all the grandkids can paint stones whenever they come down, and put them in the bed, and it will tell a story.

They all taffied off on Saturday morning, and Hub callously went too – they went home, he to his parish mission near Plymouth.  I was left like Cinderella, gazing at mountains of washing and cleaning up.  I got it all done – good job I’d had the holiday to recharge my batteries!  The good thing is, I get to eat up all the cake and pudding leftovers   And – aha! – there’s still a piece of fudge left over from our excursion to Brixham.  I’m going to be like Pooh, and take it into a corner, so nobody can interrupt it

Today I’m pulling together all the threads for the Deacons’ Day of Reflection this Saturday, which I’m organising.  And telling myself

Why I still panic after all these years is a mystery   Except it’s a long time since I did this sort of thing …

Right.  After all that I DESERVE that fudge

(image from blog.old-and-bold.info)



  1. I absolutely love the idea of the stone painting garden story telling thing – sounds such fun! :)I would want to do that myself – I know I would! :)) Excellent idea :yes:

    Hope the Deacon’s Day of Reflection goes well…. sorry it makes you all nervous even though you know you will do fine – nerves are such funny things aren’t they!

    You definitely deserve the fudge and it did make me laugh thinking of you going into a corner to be undisturbed in your eating it! Just one piece sounds very minimalist for such a greedy person as myself… so I hope it was an enormous huge great piece :))


  2. Ha! You go to the corner and enjoy the fudge gal….just one piece, I do hope you sucked it to make it last longer!!!
    I love the idea of the painted stones in the garden, it’s lovely to make such good use of an outdoors space, and you could collect shells and feathers too and maybe make a little pond out of a bin lid or small pot…and cover the edges with the stones and shells and add a few plants…and maybe grow cress with them or plant a hanging basket….ohhhh….I’m getting carried away!!!
    I love people staying but do hate the washing and cleaning and those endless dishes….
    I love the image in the window….bless.xxx


    1. They have a shop in Brixham where they make proper fudge on the premises … drool drool. I always have to buy some whenever we go!

      I’ve got a St Francis with a birdbath nearby, and lots of shrubs in pots – but the ground actually belongs to next door, so anything I do needs to be portable! I’m thinking I might be able to find little plaster figures as well for them to paint … and maybe work on the birdtable which has just lost a leg … I do like a project!!

      Let me know if you decide to go to Manziana :yes:


      1. Lol….I think I’d be adopting that space whoever it belonged to!!!
        Thanks for the info, I would love to spend a long weekend there, exploring the lake and Rome, it sounds and looks delightful and I do enjoy a walk.xxx


      1. A friend of mine has three boys, grown up now, and an unexpected late arrival a beautiful daughter. How about a daughter library where you could borrow one for a few hours and just before you are utterly worn out take her back again. I’m rambling like an idiot. I’ll volunteer for something, now what can I do?


  3. What a mix of activities and developments. Pooh might consider sharing the less sweet experiences, like clearing up after the troops. You never know, there might be the odd bit of treasure to be found.



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