The flat where we stayed belongs to a lady who lives upstairs.  She’s English but she’s been living in Italy for 40 years, so speaks Italian and was really helpful with finding our way around!  She has an old cat which is a pinkish colour …

… and a young tortoise who suddenly appeared out of the shrubs in her lovely little garden and started parading up and down our verandah.  I was very curious as to how he got down the steps … so I watched carefully one day, while he worked up to the step, positioned himself carefully, then tumbled headfirst, landing with a clunk

He also was very curious … !


19 thoughts on “THE CAT AND THE TORTOISE

  1. Hahahahaha…….what a ZANY post!!! Aged pink cats and tumbling tortoises!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever come across two bizarre critters in one post before! Brilliant, LOVED it!!!xxx


    1. I remember tortoises from my childhood being very slow and boring … this one certainly got around! Maybe my attitude has changed now I’m older and I find all sorts of things interesting now that I didn’t when I was young 😉


    1. I was thinking some loony thoughts … they are really miniature dinosaurs and have been around for millennia … and I got to thinking about whether Noah would have taken them on board in the flood :crazy: … maybe not because perhaps tortoises float … :crazy: :))


  2. What a charming post. We used to have a tortoise (my mother found it roaming the street and as nobody claimed it, we ended up keeping it). When they weather is hot, they can cover some ground !
    And that cat looks like it is enjoying itself basking in the sun.


  3. 🙂 I love the tortoise up on your foot checking you out! 🙂 How funny it tumbling down the step! Poor little loony creature! And the cat looks very elegant and pink!!


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