We’re just back from staying in Manziana, a small town outside Rome, very near to Lake Bracciano … we were self-catering in a little flat there.
Mercifully for me, the first week was cool and cloudy, much more pleasant for wandering around .  We went everywhere by train – incredibly cheap – tickets ranged from 1euro.50 to 3 euros – and the rest of the time we walked.  Come back much fitter!  This is the lake:

Lake Bracciano

There are three main small towns round the edge of the lake.  Anguillara has an old part to the town:

And this was a very pretty house on the lake shore:  more pics later when I’ve worked out how to stop this programme
writing my captions in blue underlined


19 thoughts on “POSTCARDS FROM ITALY

  1. Oh….the lake makes me wish that I was in the lakes again, how very beautiful. I also love the house overflowing with flowers……simply gorgeous! Glad you feel fitter, it’s painful hiking around though…..hard on the feet!!!xxx


  2. oh that last pic is so pretty with all those flowers! But it all looks wonderful – you have been away away somewhere completely other and different – how wonderful! 🙂 Must feel sad to be back… hope you’ve had a lovely time!


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