Went for my eye test today. My mother suffered macular degeneration, which meant she became almost blind very quickly. So when the first signs of MD were found in my eyes last year, the optician decided I needed a yearly test.

The MD has progressed a bit in the left eye. Mercifully it is the ‘dry’ kind, which can be kept at bay to a certain extent. We discussed dietary options and medication: the previous optician did not have a lot of time for these, but the current one encouraged me to look it up on the internet and gave me the name of a reliable product.

My mother’s depression at losing her sight is still very fresh in my mind (she died 5 years ago). I really, really don’t want to get like that and I’m determined that if I reach that same level, I shall be looking for all the gadgets I can get!  I also find blogfriends like duckling an inspiration http://duckling54.blog.co.uk
Time’s winged chariot might be hurrying near, but I’m not prepared for him to catch me yet  

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32 thoughts on “EYE SPY

  1. I had “Eyelid surgery” last year because my eyelids were drooping so much it became hard to see. It went fine, so far no re-occurance, I had to giggle at the t itle “Eyelid Surgeon” So many specialists! Good luck to you. Just keep an “eye” on it!


  2. I have always had incredibly bad eye sight, so much so that I am now way off the scale for contact lenses. I hate my glasses because even with todays technology they still look like milk bottle bottoms. My Muscular Dystrophy also adds an issue, because it requires muscles to blink I am a risk of getting dry eyes.

    I dread loosing my sight the most.


    1. You put me to shame, Ann. ‘Duckling’ uses technology to convert files into voice files so that he can listen, and respond, and post, without needing to see what he’s doing. It’s people like you and he who are an inspiration.


  3. After what just happened to me i don’t think you can defeat age i cried not with pain but with how awful it was to not be able to do much for myself and how it would feel if this were permanent. You can not avoid becoming slower and how ever hard you try you can not keep up with every thing you might in your youth specially today. In our parants old age they had much less to learn that was new. But yes we have to do all we can to keep active and prepare ourselves as much as we can for difficult times, it is a blessing if you have family to help we have nobody only each other. Sorry to hear about your eyes gilly and hope you can ward of or cure this awful problem things are progressing all the time my hubby and his brother have to deal with some thing of this sort.hugs.xx


  4. The experience with your mum must often be in the back of your mind but at least you may be in a position to forestall any problems. Love and prayers for your continuing good eyesight – as well as foresight!


  5. Sorry to hear about your eye problems Gilly. My grandmother had a similar problem to your mum and like her, lost her sight. My optician has recently found something of concern with one of my eyes and has referred me to the eye hospital. Hopefully it will turn out ok but if not, then you and I will be finding other ways to communicate. Let me know how you get on. Hugs xxx


    1. Thanks, Kegs. I do know that the most important thing is, that if there’s a change in eyesight like finding the grid on the Amsler Scale skewing or barreling, then I take myself at once to the optician / eye hospital. If you get there fast enough then things can be done to limit the damage. I also know that more can be done with the dry sort of MD such as ocular injections. Wet MD is just bad news!


  6. Keep up the good fight. They can do marvellous things now. My brother has very little sight now. I am blessed with reasonable sight and I can make the print bigger!!! Hurray for technology. xx.


    1. I certainly am :yes: And if the worst comes to the worst and I do lose my sight so that I can no longer type or read, I shall be taking a very careful look at the technology that converts into voice files!


      1. It seems to come down to the ‘type’ of MD … if it’s dry, it can be successfully treated with injections – I have an aunt in her 90s who has these, and she’s still driving! She’s a terrific person :yes:


  7. Oh Gilly I am so sorry to hear this… I don’t know what to say…. must be especially difficult after witnessing your mum going blind and walking with her on that journey. Huge huge hugs and prayers and hope for cures and remedies xxxxxxxxx


    1. Thank you very much 🙂 I’m not worried at the mo – I realise that I must just keep an ‘eye’ on it. I went out and bought some eye tablets today and I must keep up the spinach and broccoli! But I tend to be a ‘Plan Z’ person – if the worse should happen, what will I do? – that sort of person 8|


  8. I love Sophie Loren – keep up with the check up’s gilly and your eyes on the internet. New things are coming out all the time. Sorry to hear this all the same, take care xxx


  9. Go for regular check up’s & do all you can to keep your vision as intact as possible.
    I may have to go in for cataract surgery a few years down the line. Just now my vision is fine.


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