(from The People’s Voice on FB )


  1. Eisenhower is a bit misunderstood. When he started his miltary career the US army was tiny. Up until the 1940’s they thought the biggest threat to the US was an invasion by Canada (presuambly because they’d run out of maple syrup or something ;0).

    Anyway, WW2 starts, America begins to re-arm, gets drawn into the war, the US army becomes massive. Only when the war ends far from disarming, miltary spending actually increases! And far from peace, the country starts getting dragged into more wars. This inevitably had a host of drawbacks, i.e. money being spent on guns that could have been spent on far more productive things. It also (as he warned in his farewell address) started to mess with politics due to the influence of so many men under arms and the network of contractors building weapons, plus the need to secure resources (such as oil and uranium) to sustain this force.


    1. What seems to happen so often is that leaders may start out with the best of intentions, which are gradually ground away by the realities of the job.


  2. Hypocrisy is often baffling…..:crazy: People say the right things but go and do something quite different :crazy: Mind you…. takes massive of courage to be a leader and act with integrity ….and most leaders are psychopaths apparently… otherwise they wouldn’t be able to deal with having positions of such responsibility that affect the lives of so many…..:roll:

    The words make him sound very wise though……………:)


    1. It seems quite often that some leaders start out with the best of intentions, and find that they are constantly frustrated by the realities of the job. I think this is happening to Obama, because of the implacable opposition of the Republicans. They don’t care if his ideas are right or wrong – they will oppose everything anyway :no:


      1. It would do my head in :yes: Just as well I’m not President then 😉 … mind you, I’m sure I could give him some good advice 🙄


      2. He wouldn’t have a chance … we’d march in there with a steely look in our eyes, tell the Repubs where they could get off, seize the White House phone and bark orders over it … and everything would be fixed in a trice… 8|


      1. Did not know they were over here…Knew of the book…:yes: I DO know Mpo very well…since she was a little girl….;) Spent a lot of time in the USA….before the ‘Changeover’…Clever lass! 😉


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