Right, I said.  I turned off the heating.  I took off my jumper (I know!!!! and it’s only April!!  )  Now I can’t get all warm and lazy.  Time for a kick up my own rear

The tiny bedroom where I have my desk has a set of built-in shelves (which is partly what makes the room so small – I can just squeeze my desk between them and the bunkbeds ) and I’ve put all our boxes of archives on them.  And you know how you pull stuff out and then you never quite get round to putting it back in the right place … … and then there are all the things you never quite know where to put …

ANYWAY.   I started Marching Around and Pulling Stuff Out and Making Piles.  And I discovered that if I really tried much harder, I could get the boxes on fewer shelves. Hey Presto!  Finally … I have shelves for my everyday filing and writing and church stuff.  And stuff.

And my bin is very, very full. 

So full that I have been sneaking into Hub’s room and stealthily stuffing my rubbish into his bin

Ssh.  He hasn’t noticed.  Yet.
But ohhh – my lovely tidy shelves – ! 


25 thoughts on “GETTING ORGANISED …

  1. Hahahaha….poor hubs!!!
    That’s all rather smashin that is, would you mind sorting me out now??? I keep building up to cleaning the windows, I can’t see out of them any more….xxx


  2. Lol… 6 months on and I am still not sorted… still boxes in my car. Admire your perseverance…. I just keep getting sorted and then have to do it again as stuff don’t fit.

    BTW had my heat off for last 3 weeks.

    P xx


      1. Yes….currently 20c and the back door is open and has been most the day.

        Because terraced I gain the heat from either side as well. Only used £3.00 gas this month with cooking and the odd bit of wash up…gonna work out cost effective.

        British gas say my usage for BOTH gas and electric will be round £1,000 a year.

        P xx


      2. Our living room gets cold – no door to the bedrooms, just an open corridor: – and there is a big space underneath the room. We’re still working out how we could lag it so we retain a bit more of the heat.


      3. Can’t you buy some doors? I have a massive hall it is 24ft long and just over 43inches wide. I use this for the book case and computer desk and a chest of drawers full of paperwork I need to sort.

        The bedroom is fairly large as I can get 2 kid’s beds my double and 2 bedside cabinets in there…plus the old school desk of Becci (one of those with the lift lids….double one) which holds the TV and even another chest of drawers inside the door.

        What do you mean a ‘big space’ underneath the room?


  3. File 13 is always a great back up to stuff excess into excessively. I know what you mean about making the effort to create space. It’s as draining as editing a tome of one’s own making. Often the results are not as permanent.

    You must have a new lease of physical life, getting into all that squeezing and squashed reorganisation. 🙂


  4. Phew! You have been busy. 🙄 Yes! Takes some doing getting all organised…Always something new that catches one’s attention. Make sure you have time for a ‘Break’…with or without the proverbial ‘Kitkat’…Hugs! xxx


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