These turban-wearing Ethiopian Orthodox deacons are singing at their Easter celebration:  a most wonderful reminder of how our Lord’s resurrection is celebrated around the world.

For lots more fabulous pictures of the Ethiopian Easter, go to



  1. I like your photo. I saw some African christians in Shroeburyness on Good Friday. They all wore white garments. It was very impressive.

    They had a peaceful gathering at the beach. They were praying and sharing their food. Young and old people were together.
    Who says that you have to do your prayers in church? There is no such rule.

    In Germany I saw once a big white tent provided by the protestant church. They were celebrating their mass at the beach where all the holiday makers were.

    In my church it is very mixed. There are lots of different cultures coming together.

    I like it when it is a peaceful gathering and everybody is included.


    1. A lot of churches and Christian organisations do beach missions and services especially in the summer.

      It’s nice to have a lot of different nationalities together. It shows that what unites us is stronger than what divides us.


    1. Certainly is :yes: Anglicanism is the third largest Christian denomination in the world – I’m not sure about accurate numbers as they vary between 77 and 85 million. Mind you, the Pentecostal-type churches are growing in leaps and bounds.


  2. How lovely, I always remember my father playing the African mass, there was a boy soprano who took the lead and it was so beautiful…..must try and find it on the


      1. I was!!!! Oh thanks so much, I couldn’t remember what it was called and this is it!!! I shall have this playing on a loop now, THANKS so much!!! Y’see…..ask and you shall receive!xxx


  3. :yes: Amazing how this event is celebrated around the World…across cultures and languages! These need to be experienced peronally, to be fully appreciated. 😉 Hugs!x


    1. It’s always very special to be a part of an Easter celebration elsewhere … my mind goes back to Romania where the Orthodox certainly do it in style, and we were very involved – what a privilege!


      1. Ah…:yes: Closest I got to experiences Eastern Orthodoxy in the UK….Russian Orthodox in London and Romanian Orthodox used Lower Church at CR for some time….;)


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