I discovered recently that Tristan’s policeman, Conrad Glass (one of the 7 surnames on the island), who is also conservation officer and all sorts of other things, has written a book about his experiences on Tristan.  So I ordered it – it is RIVETING   And I’m realising for the first time what wasn’t obvious to me as a child – that life on the island is physically incredibly demanding and strenuous, especially for the men.  He talks of sailing to Nightingale island in the longboats, and the loss of a boat at sea, and helping to rescue people on nearby Gough Island … and going up the mountain in the middle of the night to herd sheep, and shear them.  The women will then wash and card and spin the wool, although I would guess they no longer do it all by hand.

The thing that stands out most is what expert seamen and fishermen they are.  I knew they had this reputation from my father’s letters:  that clearly hasn’t changed at all over the past 60-odd years. 

Amazing… I’m off for another read


13 thoughts on “ROCKHOPPER COPPER

  1. How thrilling it must be to read all about the place where you spent a lot of your childhood and find out all the stuff you were unaware of etc…. not surprised you are riveted….:) Happy Easter!:)xxx


  2. Glass is a name that gets around like so many other names have travelled. I think there’s a pocket of them in the North of England. Was ‘your’ man brought up on the Island or had he adapted as a long term resident from elsewhere?


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