I’m writing up ‘me memoir’ these days, basing it closely on my parents’ letters from Tristan da Cunha.  I’m on the Tristan site quite often, checking information and getting an authentic ‘feel’ for the place I knew so well.

I came across this picture:  Tristan fishing

I love love LOVE it!  That’s exactly how I remember – the huge Atlantic rollers coming in behind, the black rocks, and that octopus (or catfish, as the islanders call it) … now I remember getting caught by one of those when I was swimming in a rock pool.  Its tentacles closed round my leg and I was PETRIFIED

… but the island lads were really pleased – they make the best fishing bait!

The picture is of Robin Repetto (there are only 7 surnames on the island at present) and his daughter.  Lots more about Tristan here:


10 thoughts on “TRISTAN FISHING

  1. Ooh I had a look at the website. I love the pic of that northern rockhopper penguin !
    And I didn’t realise that the inhabitants are British.
    You must be having a wonderful trip down memory lane. Enjoy it 😀


  2. I can imagine how fantastic it must have been to live there, you can’t beat being by the sea, and those waves look so powerful, I can almost smell the sea. Only seven surnames eh? gosh!xxx


    1. You’d love the wildlife, PP – on nearby Nightingale Island (uninhabited) there is the flightless rail, the only place where it lives in the world :yes: and the mollymauks nest there on the ground!


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