My lovely kids pulled the stops out for Mothering Sunday and sent me a voucher for a massage!  So today I took myself there, having booked an Indian head massage (and researched it a bit on line).

Well, the lights were turned down low and the relaxing music started playing and the friendly and professional girl started work on my back, shoulders and neck and head.  And I could feel her fingers finding huge hard knots in my shoulders and neck, which were not susceptible to all her kneading and pummelling

Anyway, after 50 minutes I drank a glass of water and was feeling much more relaxed.  And she said to me as I left that the muscles in my neck and shoulders were seriously tight, and that the IHM was not really designed to deal with them properly, as it is more a relaxation technique than a ‘proper’ massage.  And if I had the opportunity, I should consider getting a proper back and neck massage, as that would help to deal with the problem (she doesn’t do that herself).

Which was all very interesting, and I learned something useful about myself.  And I began to wonder how much of my fibromyalgia (which is in flare-up mode at present ) is in league with the tight muscles, and are they making each other worse …

I reckon there’s only one way to find out


25 thoughts on “INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE

  1. I recently made an appointment with a sports and other skills, therapeutic masseur. I heard good things of him from a couple of people. I had got to a point where I felt strongly, that something different was required to osteopathy and ‘beauty therapies’. I hope he stays in the area and doesn’t seek bigger pastures, because, I have found he is very well trained and what he does is positively therapeutic.

    He also does various other relaxing massage therapies,and the face, however, it is not what I require at the present time. May be a treat in the future!

    So far,for me, it has been money very well spent.


      1. My guy is Portuguese and apart from clearly being well-trained, he has had masses of experience. He works on each client for two hours, foot to head. I am content, so far, with what he has achieved for me.

        Our local osteopathy clinic have started offering the services of a masseur, paid for either by the half hour or the hour. Rumour has it, it is someone recently qualified.


      2. The experiences have not been sweetness and snoozing, they were not painless sessions, but then, with what felt like chronic issues, it was likely to be uncomfortable. One “ouch!” produced a question as to where ‘it’ was in particular, then work commenced on ‘it’. I’m thinking about a once a month maintenance, once all issues are eased; all else being equal.

        I can understand now, why sports facilities for athletic teams of all kinds, include trained sports masseur/euse therapists, physios and Uncle Tom Cobly an’all.


    1. I can thoroughly recommend the neck and shoulder massage Gill but do use a therapist who is personally recommended. They do vary, some more gifted than others.aim for once per fortnight, everyday should be Mother’s Day really! Lovely gift from your family, well deserved. XX


  2. Personally speaking .. it needs thorough intensive and regular researching and testing to see if your theory about tight muscles and fibromyalgia is correct *nods*



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