We’ve begun to realise that, if we’re not careful, retirement will end up looking rather like the job we’ve left behind.  We’ve both been busy with lots of extra meetings etc for Lent, and Hub more so as the parish clergy team is one priest down and he’s offered to fill in some of the gaps.

Anyhow, I got fed up and pointed out that the stuff we’re involved in needs to be done round the edges of our retirement … and NOT the other way around…     It just gets ridiculous when we can’t find a spare day to go out somewhere together!!

So … yesterday we decided to head for Morwellham Quay.  We’d seen it on TV when we’d enjoyed ‘Edwardian Farm’ and there were evidently quite a few other things to explore there too.  We set off.

It was pouring with rain.  It was foggy.  The lorries speeding by covered us with spray from their wheels.  Hub was not enjoying the drive at all.  Not even slightly.

We passed a sign to Buckland Abbey, just as we realised we’d taken a wrong turning at the previous roundabout.  Hub, muttering darkly, looked for a suitable place to turn round.  I dug out the NT book and looked up Buckland Abbey.

Hey, I said, as we came to a stop.  Buckland Abbey is open every day …

Buckland Abbey Exterior, Devon © National Trust

… so we went there instead.  And we really enjoyed it – very well-organised tour round the house, and lots of interesting history which we both like, and of course the usual delicious NT food at lunchtime, sitting next to a log fire.

By the time we were done and ready to go home, the sun was coming out.

We agreed we’d get to Morwellham Quay another day.  Preferably when it was dry.  And sunny.

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27 thoughts on “CHANGE OF PLAN

  1. Awww….. glad you are keeping an eye |-| out on this retirement thing you are supposed to be doing and putting your foot down….. I’d be most fed up to find myself running round another hamster wheel all over again when I thought I’d got off one permanently…:(

    Glad Buckland Abbey found you and you had a lovely trip….. was meant to be wasn’t it!

    Good luck with sticking to your one day a week together day out thing…:yes: and maybe pinch hub very hard now and then to keep him paying attention to RETIREMENT sort of things……


    1. I’ve just been having another Discussion |-| – about the fact that he is preaching this Sunday, next Sunday and the Sunday after. I pointed out that I was looking forward to our attending church together in retirement … and that means sitting in a pew, not being up front all the time … :crazy:


      1. :no: The Beast….. :> I guess he must just love preaching…..?? Maybe you are going to have to find somebody else to play with and let him get on with it???? I know that wasn’t the Plan though :no:

        BIG HUGS xxxxxxxx


      2. Well dja know what, why aren’t you just round the corner … then I could tag along with you 😉 … or at least we could fume together :**: Trouble with Hub is that he’s so kind and friendly and if another vicar needs some help he finds it hard to say no … they need to talk to MOI first :>


      3. I know…. I wish I was just round the corner and we could go out to play together :)! Twould be grand! 🙂

        Hmmmm……. so you need to be an active sort of Cerberus with a diary and a pen and a very hard stare like Paddington bear and a sticky old marmalade sandwich to stuff into their pockets if necessary :>


  2. Ah yes….when travelling all sorts of unexpected delights may present themselves, glad you changed your plan and had such a lovely day, and good to hear you’re both going to shave a little time for yourselves! You go girrrrrl!xxx


  3. You do have to be disciplined about your personal time in retirement and how and when you will use it, else, as you are finding out, others will more than encrach on it. Perhaps the intrduction of a hand drawn and daily activities timetable for yourselves might help to maintain a satisfactory balance between your together time and the spaces allowed for A.N.Other/s. X


    1. We do keep diaries which we regularly update with each other, along with a common calendar. I kind of knew this might happen, but somehow I assumed that because we knew it might, we would avoid it … not so. We’ve now put a line through one day each week!


      1. How about a ‘daily diary’ chart with well defined large squares for each day to put up on the wall. When you’ve succeeded in your joint endeavours, you can, highly visibly, use emoticons to give yourselves pats on the back or, with a sparkly pen draw stars or points on each successful outcome. 🙂


  4. Gill, I can’t agree with you more – we both say that – life is slipping by and we just don’t seem to have a minute to breath. I even suggested we had a date night once a month as we never ever seem to get chance to have a nice meal out together. The weather doesn’t help though. Stick to your guns and have a day out regularly xxx


  5. 🙄 Not surprised at the ‘penny dropping’ so loudly for you! Invariably happens! 😉
    Excellent diversion…..:lalala:
    I like this… ” stuff we’re involved in needs to be done round the edges of our retirement … and NOT the other way around… ” Hugs! xx


  6. It’s so difficult to strike the right balance. Thankfully you’ve realised that you need to adjust your plans accordingly. (Especially now the winter is ending) 🙂


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