The line at Dawlish, just along the coast from us, was badly damaged in the recent storms and a section of the line was left dangling in mid-air.  Since then engineers have been working day and night to get it fixed by today.

And lo and behold … they did it!!

So I do hope you didn’t suffer too much, being cut off from us here in the south-west …

There’s a time-lapse video here showing the progress of its repair (it doesn’t have flash photography but it moves very fast, so don’t watch if that might bother you):



  1. The railway workers have done well pulling out all the stops to get things put back together again in Dawlish. We’re at the end, (we hope) of three years of follow-on work when something similar happened here in the far north.


    1. They did extraordinarily well, I think. People have been very worried about it not being done before Easter, as the area relies so much on tourism. It’s nice to know that sometimes promises are kept!


      1. The workers did very well indeed to get the system up and running so quickly, I am truly pleased for the region that it was so.

        I did hear a toast to ‘the orange army’ verbalised and wondered what on earth was going on. Then, I realised the luminous jacketed train line working teams were being referenced with that description. Not to detract from their superb results, I do have the following reservations.

        I am very cynical about the political agenda here with a General Election looming. The present Government could not, with such massive media attention, afford to be seen as laissez-faire again (e.g. The Somerset Levels) nor be so obviously partisan as in Eton, Windsor and Datchet, while ignoring the poorer pockets in those localities. Fortunately for the South of England, all these elements have worked very much in their favour.


      2. I would concur with that! I had to switch off David Cameron crowing about it, as if we didn’t know what is really going on. I doubt however that the political so-called ‘goodwill’ will continue now the line is open – attention will switch back to the home counties.


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