9 thoughts on “WANT AND NEED

  1. That really is so true…. remember packing to move????

    I still have 4 boxes in the boot of my car… I DO KNOW what is in them and I do NEED a few things from there.

    There is an old ‘adage’ “Be careful for what you wish for”

    P xx


      1. I really do NEED more room…. ever tried fitting 2 toddler beds and my double into my bedroom so I have the 3 eldest? oh and then I got to make room for them to play in the lounge…we manage 😉

        P xx


      2. I know the feeling – we’re fine for the 2 of us, but when the family comes it’s a squash! Still, at least I can always take them out to play on the beach 😉

        Sooooooo good to have you back, Pauline – the place wasn’t the same without you! I think you were one of my first blog friends, way back when – when Hope Child was still running. Glad you haven’t disappeared like smss … hugs xx


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