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14 thoughts on “HAPPINESS – AN INSIDE JOB?

      1. I think we can try to discover the intentions behind it and whether that person hurts other people too…if it is deliberate and constant we’d avoid them if possible.We all have our weak spots which some people seem to suss out quickly…I used to think most people wee goodish…..now I am a little wiser,but not cynical.


    1. Yes, I put it up for comment and for mulling over … I’m not sure about it. I can see there’s a bit of wisdom but I don’t think it’s particularly ‘God’s kingdom’ thinking … because we know that it’s not possible to be happy all the time, and frankly, there is something wrong with us if we are. We need to grieve about things and get angry at injustice – it’s all part of being human. That’s what I like about the Christian faith – it is very, very realistic about human nature 😉


      1. Yes….. Jesus said something about being happy when other people are happy and mourn with those who are mourning or something…. in other words walk with people in their whatevers and not be detached/separated etc…I am probably barking loudly up completely the wrong tree 😉 and yes…. not bad to be angry etc about injustices… :yes: and He wept too when he saw how upset somebody was about somebody dying. Lazarus? Mary and Martha :crazy: I have bad vagueness about biblical stories…. I need to reread….!!


      2. Our own happiness is a bit of rainbow-chasing, I often think … Jesus didn’t come ‘to be happy’ or even ‘to make people feel happy all the time’ … he suffered and died because that’s what was needed … and sometimes we go through our own suffering and the ‘little deaths’ which happen to us from time to time … and it doesn’t mean we’re not loved, it just means that he’s there with us all the time in all of it.

        On the other hand, it’s true that there’s no point giving another human being responsibility for our happiness … that’s certainly barking up the wrong tree … 🙄


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