1. If you aim too high you become bitter even if you are a high achiever.
    But what would the world do without ambitious people?
    We would have to go without brain surgeons, inventors, peace makers etc..
    This little bit of unhappiness spurs them on.

    You have to find a balance
    in your life. That is not easy.

    I like your cartoon. 🙂


    1. That may be true :yes: but it is very sad if people aren’t able to enjoy the good things offered to them because they are always wanting something different. If we’re not careful we miss the blessings, and we’re always ungrateful and dissatisfied. I don’t want to be like that!


      1. Some friends that I left behind when I moved to England became ungrateful und therefore sad. Due to my husband I developed a happier outlook on life. That is why I became more cheerful.
        When I meet them I realise some kind of bitterness.
        I am glad that I made some changes to my life. I do not want to become like that, too.


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