Yesterday I went to the nearest city for a determined attack on the shops to find an outfit for my son’s wedding this summer.

Too tight.
Too short.
Too long.
Too loose.
No sleeves.
Too plungey at the front.
Much too plungey at the back.
Yucky material.

Then I saw a simple black skirt, with a pale pink lacy top, and a dressy biker jacket.

I looked at it.  I walked away.

I went back, and checked the price.

I found my sizes.

I took them off the rails.

I looked round for a changing room.
Then I thought … biker jacket?  For groom’s mother … ??? 

I put them back.
And informed son that he had had a narrow escape.

He pointed out that no,  I was the one who had had the narrow escape.  Because his ushers would also be bouncers.

Ho hum.  Back to the changing room …



  1. What’s wrong with the biker look? I’m sure you would’ve been the star of the show…………….mmmm, perhaps that was what your son thought could be the problem.ha ha….I’d have loved to seen it if u had waled in dressed like it!.
    I am about to put up a picture of my latest work outfit!


    1. No I haven’t! I shall browse forthwith. Hub did his curacy in a wealthy parish and they had an amazing charity shop where clothes I couldn’t possibly have afforded at the time, could be had for knock-down prices.


  2. My sympathies……it is so hard shopping for clothes I find….

    :)) Biker jacket for your son’s wedding :))

    Well what can I say other than…. good luck on your next shopping trip!


  3. I have always been astonished how many people go out and buy something brand new for a wedding that they probably won’t be able to wear on another occasion. Is there really nothing in your wardrobe that you could wear ? An old favourite will be nice and comfortable, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the day. And if something gets spilt on it, it doesn’t matter.
    Having said all that, I would love to have seen a photo of you turning up to the wedding on a Harley Davidson with your biker jacket ! LOL :))


    1. I know, that’s always bothered me too! But I’ve reviewed my wardrobe and no, there really isn’t anything. I’d love to be able to get something I can wear again, and that will certainly be my aim. One of the things I disliked yesterday was how much of the stuff was so ‘weddingy’ that it would be very difficult to wear again. I’d settle for something simple, with a jacket with some zing … she said mournfully, with a backward look at the biker jacket … 😦


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