Last week when I went shopping, I hung my shopping bags on the front of the trolley as usual and trundled round looking for my stuff.

Halfway through this process, I noticed a gooseberry bush in a pot had been added to my trolley.  Obviously somebody hadn’t been checking, and had put her stuff in my trolley – it’s easily done, I’ve done it myself occasionally – although I’ve always spotted it immediately.

(not my trolley!!)

I carried on shopping.

When we got to the checkout, I said to Hub ‘Hang on a minute.  I didn’t select that.  Or that.  Or that …. ‘

The cashier was clearly well-used to this scenario.  She told me to give the items to her.

We went home and unpacked the shopping.  Except that there were twice as many bananas and carrots as we had put in.  I should explain that Hub does the fruit and veg shopping separately with a basket, and then comes and unloads it into my trolley.

Ah well, we said.  It happens.

Later I went into the kitchen to start making supper.  ‘What’s happened to X  … and Y … and Z?’  I squawked.

Obviously the other person had decided that my trolley was really hers and had taken out some of my stuff

So I had to think of something else for supper that day, which I’m not good at

Maybe I need to put a big notice on my trolley in future … any suggestions as to what it should say???

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28 thoughts on “OFF MY TROLLEY

  1. I once had a scenario where someone took a bag of meat from the butchers out of my basket and walked off with it. I think it was some woman looking after her elderly relative who thought he’d put it down accidently and walked off with it.

    I only realised when I got home what had happened (so no chicken for dinner), but I assumed I must have left it somewhere by mistake. She presumably sussed it when she got home, went to the butchers who held on to it, but as I never showed up, the butcher had it for his tea and gave me the equivalent off my next visit the following week….so it all worked out in the end!


  2. Well,I do it online now but still get a few things not asked for.. and I did actually get some incontinence pads when I had pneumonia…and the man walked up the path carrying them unbagged in his hands whereas all the food was in orangle bags and do you know I dod not give a monkeys as I was so ill and hated the awful cough that terrified my nearest and my GP.Luckily after 3 weeks normality returned…but I do think that is a good idea…or take a model of a dog and sit it in the trolley.You can get very lifelike ones in the children’s department… my neighbout got one when her dog died.I hate it as it makes my skin feel tingly and horrible…It’s not easy shopping in a large place


  3. maybe put something really embarrassing in the middle of your trolley like…. I dunno… an enormous great huge packet of incontinence pads extra large for huge bottoms or something…. nobody will go near your trolley then… then just take them back out before going to the till…. and put them in somebody else’s trolley :)) not really … that would be mean!!! :))


      1. :))Just PILE the trolley high with ’em and parade around proudly….:))and walk in a strange bandy legged sort of way… nobody will invade your trolley…


      2. scary mask is a good idea :yes:….scary mask, bandy legs and piled high trolley with incontinence pads :yes: :)) pretty sure no strange cuckoo shoppers will DARE come anywhere near you! :)) :))


  4. I was amused when I read your article.
    This trolley “Stealer” just took over. You have to be vigilant.

    The other day I was parked next to another silver Ford KA and wanted to drive off with the wrong car. But the key did not fit. All passbyers thought that I was a car thief.
    To their relief I noticed my mistake quickly. Some people already got their mobiles out intending to phone the police.

    Thanks God, no further action was required when I drove off with my car.

    Everybody started laughing. 🙂


  5. How funny ! I have never had that happen to me ( just watch – it will probably happen now )
    You will need to put a cover over the top of your trolley, only peeling it back slightly when you come to add something to it. That should deter any ‘cuckoo’ shoppers. (Doesn’t that naughty bird put its eggs in someone else’s nest ?). :))


  6. Where were your shopping bags?

    Without having a big elasticated cover to differentiate the trolley you are borrowing, with some suitable imperative on it, or, a pronoun, or, a great big smile, I am not sure what you can do, other than keep your hand firmly attached to the handle of the trolley as much as possible. Then there’s hubby….you could take it in turns to stand guard while one of you hops off to shop. Use a shopping bag on wheels then off-load it at the checkout. Last, fill up your shopping bags, which are situated in the trolley. work a shift pattern at the checkout for unloading and repacking.


      1. First sentence ‘I hung my bags on the front of the trolley as usual’ – you know, on that hook thing under the handle. So I always know which is mine 😉


      2. Yes, and where were they when you collected the trolley you may, or may not have started to stock up?

        Sounds like another shopper may have been without half their shopping.


      3. The bags always hang on that hook throughout the dreary shopping process, until I reach the till when of course I need them. It’s how I know it’s my trolley. Yes, it’s clear somebody else was without some of their shopping.


  7. Hahahahaha…if there was a gooseberry bush in your trolley it must have been me!

    Sorry about your supper though, but still laughing here…

    Just put a little flag on yours with GERROFF on it….xxx


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