11 thoughts on “NOAH’S PROBLEM

  1. Without getting too technical I once saw this presentation where an engineer attempted to prove that it would have been impossible to build Noah’s arc. When you consider the size of the ship to accommodate all the animals in question (genetic diversity would require a lot more than 2 of each) food requirements (e.g. the lions ain’t going to sit there for 40 days & nights staring at the antelope without getting hungry!), fresh water, etc. Anyway you end up with a ship which it would be impossible to construct out of wood or any material available at the time for various technical reasons (a ship will undergo significant bending stresses and no beam made of timber of these lengths could ever withstand that). Even if we ignore this, it would have been impossible to steer it, maintain it watertight (again wood panels in a boat flex and such large panels flexing would have been impossible to seal & allowed far more water into the arc than could reasonably be pumped out) and likely the arc capsized almost immediately.

    I think its important to look at texts such as the bible as an example of allegorical literature, i.e. not meant to be all taken literally…but you try telling that to Baptists!


    1. Yes … I’ve seen ‘proof’ coming to the exact opposite conclusion – that it was absolutely the perfect shape to float 😉

      As for the animals … I imagine that they were native to the area of Mesopotamia at the time, and bore very little resemblance to our children’s Noah’s ark stories and sets!


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