‘Virtuous character matters more than moral knowledge… Faith idles when character shrivels.’  (Volf, p.13 ‘A Public Faith’)

It’s a long time since people had the guts to use the word ‘virtue’.



2 thoughts on “FAITH IDLES …

    1. It’s been something that’s been looked down on for so long: I suspect, starting in the 60s when we were questioning everything and insisting that we were free and could think and do whatever we liked. Then ‘virtue’ would not have been seen as a good thing, but as a way of making people behave according to certain ‘rules’. Now many years later we can see that we might have thrown out the baby with the bathwater … and some of us are hoping the baby is still alive and can be picked up, dried off and start to grow … oh dear, I’m in metaphor overdrive today !!! *crazy* settle down Gill.


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