I’ve been pressganged by the powers-that-be in the diocese, to work with the group of deacons here.  I was very taken aback, as I’m still new and I’ve been keeping a very low profile – I prefer it that way!  So I was startled when the Archdeacon announced that I was to take it over from him …   aargghh …

Anyway, I have been duly organising the very first ‘day of reflection’ for deacons and their parish priests in June.  And I’ve been fretting about what to say in the talks, especially in the morning when the priests are there.  (We’re packing them off home after lunch so we can be  with our own tribe and talk our own language )

Then I discovered that a bigwig who has written a lot about the deacon’s vocation and ministry, has retired to the diocese.  So I very tentatively emailed him to ask if, by any chance, if he was free, would he consider coming and talking to us all …

… and was stunned to get an immediate reply saying he’d be delighted.

Yesssssssssss !!!


22 thoughts on “DEAD CHUFFED

  1. oh congratulations and how good that your sterling qualities have been recognised and appreciated and acknowledged and and and….. and how brilliant that the bigwig is so pleased to come and talk at the day of Reflection! 🙂 WELL DONE!!


    1. Thanks, xlx … I’m tickled pink about Paul coming to speak … although I don’t think it’s about my sterling qualities … more about my dumb-cluckness 🙄


    1. Thanks, Kegs … the Archdeacon invited me last year to go for a chat and I thought he was just being friendly to a new deacon in the diocese … and he ended up handing me all this stuff … beware of friendly dog-collars 😉


  2. And here’s me thinking one had retired!!! That’s a great honour and I’m, not surprised either. Congratulations, I shall look forward to hearing more about it all.
    How lovely that your speaker agreed so


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