One of the first things that a good ‘listening skills’ course will teach, is precisely that we need to stop thinking about how we’re going to answer, and instead pay full attention to the speaker – not just their words but their body language, their pauses, their emotions and the things they appear not to be saying.

We could do with a lot more of that skill in our society.  Being listened to can be very healing.


20 thoughts on “NOT LISTENING

  1. I totally agree. I have known people who start their answer before you have finished the sentence and completely misinterpret what you are saying. Being ‘heard’ is something we all need too. Good reminder Gilly :yes: xxx


    1. Yes indeed … you can have barely started your sentence and you get interrupted … and then there’s that aggravating conversation where you try and get a word in edgeways in order to explain that what the other person is talking about, isn’t what you meant!!! :>


  2. So true.

    A member of my clan is terrible for not listening, by which I mean they hear what they think you were trying to say rather than listen to the actual words – drives us all mad!


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