Why are pirates called pirates?  Because they arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …

From the wonderful Grammarly site!


19 thoughts on “GRAMMATICAL PIRATE

  1. Walk the plank and then sent down to ‘Davey Jones locker'(sea bed) ….yes, I’ve been swatting up on my pirate terms recently and had my first professional engagement as Captain Blackfoot the pirate today at a trade fair in Harrogate.Haven’t been home very long….It was a long 2 days!!!


      1. This was a tough one Gilly as there were no kids there….only big kids but most seemed to like it(I also had a short stint as Santa….not easy quick changing from pirate to Santa in a van!!!!)
        This was a trade fair for owners of farm parks, so lots of business men…but it seemed to help attract interest to my son’s stand! He thinks he may get some ‘Pirate week’ bookings from it.The company he works for then supply huge inflatable galleon, play slide, …me and lots of pirate props to ‘theme up’ the farms. I am doing 5 days at the farm his employer owns (Marsh Farm Adventure Park, South Woodham Ferrers,Essex) next week(half term)….so that should be good fun!!!


      2. Good luck Paul – some of my grandkids are mad about pirates so hope you get lots of bookings for birthday parties too!! (We used to work in Buckhurst Hill in Essex)


      3. Thanks, Gilly…..Buckhurst hill is a long way from us ….we are south /east essex! But, if I get bookings from the trade fair, they’ll be spread all over the place.I know they are hopefully of a booking at a farm in high Wycombe!


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