We haven’t had flooding anything like our poor neighbours in the Somerset Levels   but what we did have last week were huge, ferocious seas.

The most damage was done just up the coast from us at Dawlish, where the pounding of the waves

broke away the land under the track and left the railway line hanging in mid-air:

As a consequence everyone has had to take to the roads which are not sufficient for purpose here, resulting in huge tailbacks:  meanwhile Network Rail are working all hours to get it fixed.  So we’re cut off by rail from the rest of you

(images from Network Rail and http://www.peikor.com )


19 thoughts on “RAIL LINK GONE!

  1. We had the same sort of issues about three years ago on two parts of our rail line. One was a bit more ‘straightforward’ to deal with, the other is still ongoing. It causes so many disruptions, and rolling whammies for travellers, first by rail, then by road.

    I truly sympathise.


    1. We were told yesterday that in view of further storm damage since, the repair is going to take much longer than originally anticipated. Now why does that not surprise me.


  2. It has been absolutely terrible the flooding and the storms, beginning to wonder if that area will ever dry out properly – one thing for sure, no one will trust the weather reports, Agencies or such anymore.


  3. I saw that on the news….how terrifying it must be for the locals. I have my fingers crossed that the rains end soon or the whole of England will be submerged….should have kept me boat!!!xxx


  4. Horrendous…….but, it seems (according to tv reports) the relevant bodies are working very quickly on establishing some kind of service!
    There seems no end to the terrible weather and it’s consequences at the moment!!


  5. I saw that on the news – looked awful for the poor bods in houses along there too. I was wondering how you were faring down there in the south west…… glad you are ok where you are.

    Meanwhile let us crack on with the ark building 😉


    1. Definitely :yes: And I suggest we ask Ham and Shem to build a couple of little wooden studios just under the roof, one for writing in and the other for painting in … so we’ve got something to do after we’ve mucked out the animals and fed them all 8|


    1. Thanks Liz – we’re fine where we are, very sheltered and although not far from the sea we are far enough! Also, being in a bay shelters us from the worst of the storms.


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