Recently the National Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Youth Board visited the European HQ of Facebook in Dublin to learn how youngsters can keep safe when using Facebook. It’s a relief to know what is in place and what can be done.  Lively little video here:



  1. I was bullied as a child, until I fought back. i don’t know how I would have handled this FB and social media in general. I can’t even understand this texting epidemic. Why would you want to communicate so much?


  2. Good to see young people on board with this and given a voice. As for comments above, it’s easy for us to just ignore anything we don’t like on the Net but young people place a far greater emphasis on social networking; it’s like asking them to sever a daily connection with their friends.


    1. Yes it is … nothing can be done about it but it’s a shame, they miss out on so much of life … however, they think me a dinosaur for saying so. And given that’s the situation, much better that they are informed about safeguarding issues and the help available.


  3. I would have thought that if someone was being bullied on facebook they’d stop using it, but I suppose it’s now part of life for so man young people. Anything that can help is wonderful though. I do dislike bullies….xxx


  4. Bullying is a terrible thing. I was hideously bullied, taunted, ridiculed and ostracised during my school years. I did all the things I was supposed to, not show a reaction, tell teacher/parent, ignore them etc etc. What did it achieve? Nothing, made me a suspicious cynical distrusting adult.

    Kids will be kids, they will pick at flaws and differences, yes there have to be boundaries and there have to be consequences, but it will never ever be eradicated, it is an element of human behaviour.


    1. What a horrible experience.

      Yes, it’s human nature – at least now some people appear to be taking bullying seriously. Frankly, I can’t understand cyber-bullying – surely, if people are bullying you on Facebook then just don’t go on it?

      Not the way people think these days!


      1. Thats what I think – delete it, block it and get on … but so much weight is pt on what others think of you. there is a lack of back bone and toughening skin in these situations, I toughened up, bullying does need addressing as unacceptable behaviour.


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