It’s a horrific subject, female genital mutilation, and it’s still practised even in this country where it is illegal.

Fahma Mohamed is a lively Somali teenager wanting people to sign a petition, via the Guardian, to Michael Gove to inform teachers of the practice.  She and her friends at her school have created a rap.

For some reason there’s no code which I can copy and paste into here:  however, the link to the rap and the petition is here:

Do please consider signing.  She needs all the support she can get.

Tell schools to teach risks of female genital mutilation before the summer

17 thoughts on “BAN FGM

  1. It is more a cultural thing than Islamic, but main stream Islam loses it’s credibility by not condemning such practices and other radical things in their religion. It is of course illegal and condemned in NZ.


    1. I agree, Pete. What’s even more awful is that girls are being taken back to their home country in order to force them to have the procedure. It has to come out of the shadows and be highlighted for the cruel and barbaric practice it is – the more difficult we can make it for the perpetrators the better.


      1. I totally agree. It’s not an Islamic thing,but a Somalian thing, and other countries. Bit like the burqua. The Islamic requirement is to cover female hair with a scarf, bit like some Christian sects.


      1. I love her liveliness. My youngest daughter has been involved for the past 18 months in working with others in Bristol on a course about FGM to be used in schools.


      2. That makes me think of circumcision which shouldn’t happen except for medical reasons. There are some areas where religious practice is barbaric……….. that’s where I say biblical teaching ( and interpretation ) needs to be updated to modern times……. not everything but quite a bit !


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