David Porter with the Dean of Coventry Cathedral, Very Rev John Witcombe.

David Porter’s been playing a crucial role behind the scenes at the Anglican General church Synod, with a team of facilitators who are all experienced in bringing about reconciliation.  We can see the effects in a much calmer and more united Synod.  I’m so pleased that David’s huge experience and abilities are going to be used more widely in the Anglican global church – they are sorely needed.

Here’s the press release on the Cross of Nails website:

‘Canon David Porter
’s role with the Archbishop of Canterbury has been significant and demanding, and he has now moved, as of 1st January, to a full time secondment from Coventry to Lambeth, as the Archbishop’s Director for Reconciliation.

David will continue to have his home and place of worship in Coventry, and will continue as a Canon of the Cathedral and member of the Cathedral Ministry team. We are delighted that he is playing such a significant part in Archbishop Justin’s worldwide work for peace and reconciliation both within and beyond the church, and offer him our congratulations and prayerful support.

Speaking about his new position, Canon David Porter said: ”How we live with our deepest differences both within the Church and our increasingly fractured world, is one of the major challenges to the credibility of Christianity as good news.”

“It is a privilege to be asked to take on this responsibility for Archbishop Justin and I look forward to working with him in serving the Church in making reconciliation and peacebuilding a theological and practical priority in its life and witness.”

from http://www.crossofnails.org/newsletter-jan-2014/



  1. Reconciliation must be good for church unity. There was a danger of disunity down in the NZ Church over the Christchurch cathedral controversy. Lets hope they can make a united decision about what the new cathedral design should be?


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