I seem to have been peculiarly intelligent today … not.  

I went off to the midweek Communion service in the parish church at 10am, picked up some food shopping on my way home … and as I climbed the steps to the door of the block, I  thought … ‘I HAVEN’T GOT MY KEYS WITH ME’ 

I know what happened.  When Hub is here he always makes it his job to lock the front door of our block of flats each night.  But while he’s away I’ve been doing it.  And instead of putting my keys straight back into my bag, I must have put them down on a table …

So I was going to ring the upstairs neighbours, who are lovely and who have a spare set of keys.  Only their car wasn’t there, and I had no idea whether they’d gone off for several days, or just out shopping – but I didn’t ring the bell.

I hid my bags of shopping round the side of the house and went to St Andrew’s, the church nearest us, where I knew the vicar was taking another Communion service.  And sat at the back … and then thought ‘supposing upstairs wife is there, and it’s only husband who’s out with the car???  Why didn’t I ring and find out????’  

So I trotted off out and went back home and rang the neighbours … and nobody answered.  And what’s more, I had left my mobile in the flat, thinking ‘as Hub’s not home I won’t need it …’

So I trotted back to the church, and waited until they had finished, and then wailed at them, and they were absolutely lovely.  The vicar went home and then phoned the churchwarden with the number for the church locksmith.  And as they were having their midweek lunch anyway, they sat me down and fed me and made me a cup of tea … which was very welcome because it was really cold in the church.  No heating and we could see our breath!

I got into a fabulous  chat with a guy who knew Romania very well … and had also come out of a life of petty crime, into a life of faith, and now is the best possible person to build relationships with the homeless and lonely who get a good welcome in our churches (one of whom had already informed me that he knew a lockpicker and would contact him for me ).  He was definitely part of the silver lining for me

So eventually the locksmith’s number came through to the churchwarden and I tried it on her phone and he was OUT … but his wife was very helpful and gave me a number for another locksmith.  Who promised to be out in half an hour – just long enough for the churchwarden to sweep me up and take me home with her and give me a hot cuppa.  And she refused to leave me until she was sure I was  safely inside.  Bless her cotton socks and then some!  She is an absolute star

The locksmith opened the block door immediately.  He had a bit more trouble getting into the flat, but eventually managed it – with no broken locks, no need to replace, nothing.

I offered him a kiss but he looked a bit dubious … … so I paid him instead, hugged the CW and then put the heating on.

(image from http://edinburghfestival.list.co.uk/event/255242-harriet-dyer-plus-the-odd-pal-what-a-palaver/ )


34 thoughts on “LOCKED OUT!

  1. horrible horrible situation isnt it I still remember Belle locking me out of the house when we were living in Henley. she thought it was a great idea to lock daddy out the front door and I freaked out as I couldnt get in the house luckily Jen had left the back door unlocked and I managed to get in that way but I have never been so worried in all my life. all the time little Belle was laughing at me through the windows 🙂


  2. Your poor beast! It is the most dismal thing to be locked out. I reckon it was all for a reason and you were supposed to meet these people and so on :yes: All for a reason….:)but I am glad you got in again eventually. The worse thing is when you get to your front door…. dying for the loo…….. and can’t get in…..88| that is The Pits!



    1. :)) fortunately my bladder is reasonably strong :))

      But d’ja know what, it was such a lovely time with St Andrew’s people, who I know and love anyway, and they were all so supportive and nobody was nasty and fell about laughing and pointing their finger at me … so I reckon that I was given a blessing in the midst of all the palaver!!


      1. And maybe the guy who knew about Rumania really appreciated the chance to talk to you with Rumania in common etc… Am sure it was all meant to be – maybe for other bods as well and God was doing that… moving in mysterious ways thing again 🙂

        Glad you have a strong bladder :))


      2. Turns out he was baptised into the Orthodox church in Romania!!! 8| – so unusual. And he seems to be a lovely person – he’s converted a hut in his garden for our homeless guy, with a heater and bed and chairs and kettle etc. But he says the guy only uses it for a night at a time, then it’s back out on to the street. He just prefers it that way.


      3. What an extraordinary story…. What a lovely trusting person to kit out his shed for the homeless person… amazing! 🙂 All fascinating. Just think, if you hadn’t forgotten your keys you’d never have got to know all this! Angels obviously been tweaking the strings somewhere along the line 😉


      4. Well I was determined not to panic, and I was praying a lot, and it just ‘happened’ that St Andrew’s was having their midweek Communion and lunch … and although it was stupidity on my part, somehow I felt God was having a quiet chortle and turning it to good account!!


      5. Yes, whatever that is … Hub and I talk about it from time to time, because we do love the atmosphere at St A’s and the outward focus of the lovely people there. But we find we can’t cope with the very ‘high’ worship, so we go to the parish church instead (St A’s is a daughter church) – where the people aren’t nearly as outward-looking … very frustrating for two dyed-in-the-wool mission partners… a conundrum 🙄


      6. Sorry 😳 yes … very high church. Very very high church! I don’t mean that it’s wrong, of course – I know that it helps millions of people all over the world spiritually which is great. But we find it difficult … 🙄


  3. Oh I say. . . . . . .shhh don’t tell anyone but err Ive done it a couple of times :yes: only nobody fed and watered me :)) now my friend across the road has a spare set just in case 🙄


  4. Always here to help….she says removing hat and taking a sweeping bow….one could go on….I’ve dropped them in the canal, lost them up mountains and once even locked them in the house when daughter was a young and a salesman knocked. I could write a short novel!!! yes!xxx


  5. Oh dear, oh deary dear….WOT was you thinking Mrs?????Eh????? Fancy forgetting your keys like that….Lol….I do it about every three months, sometimes I put them on hubs bonnet and he drives off with them, other times I have them in the garden while gardening and lose them for years….the glass in our front door has been smashed so many times by me trying to get back in. Tell you what though, I wish I had your crowd around when I lock myself out….what a bunch of troupers. Gold stars for them….now WHATS’ up with the chappie refusing a kiss….get him eh!!!!Glad you’re home and warm with no broken locks to sort. Smashin’ that.xxx


  6. You silly billy ! 😀
    Sounds like it all turned out right in the end. Plus – you met some interesting people too :yes
    You won’t do that again in a hurry will you ! :))


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