After we’d looked after our little mophead grandchildren, and before I taffied off to my retreat, Hub and I decided to take the intervening days self-catering in Winchester.  I went to secondary school here, and my Dad had a couple of villages as his parish 5 miles out of the city, so it’s my old stamping ground.  Well, one of them anyway.  I  seem to have collected rather a lot.

Also, Hub has been doing more of his family history, and discovered that his forebears were Hampshire shepherds on the Titchborn estate, and some of his family had lodged in the area … so he wanted to have a butcher’s too.

So we went and saw the rectory where the 4 of us had lived, and the church where we got married, and Alresford where my best friend had lived and where his great-grandfather had lodged, and the beautiful open Hampshire fields which still have sheep in them.

And of course, we visited Winchester Cathedral … cue New Vaudeville Band !


12 thoughts on “WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL …

    1. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it … I don’t hold any particular affection for the place – so it was nice to be able to disentangle my memories of it and just enjoy it as it is!


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