Hub is in N Ireland at present:  his aunt, the last of his mother’s sisters, died last Thursday and the funeral was Saturday.  There were 400 people at the service including his 24 cousins – those Irish know how to do a good funeral!  Auntie Vera was a farmer’s daughter and wife, who had a very demanding life, with two severely-disabled children one of whom died in her twenties.  The other is now in his 50s and gets around remarkably well with specially-adapted kit. 

You’d never think she had a hard life.  She was invariably welcoming and loved nothing better than people sitting down with her in her kitchen to eat and have some craic  … and she was famous for saying goodbye and then not letting you go, even standing at the window of the car and talking for another half-hour

Hub’s favourite story?  One day Auntie Vera discovered a burglar in her house.  She put on the kettle and made him a cup of tea.  As you do.  She sat him down and they got chatting, and soon she’d had his whole life story (he was on drugs) –  and had done what she enjoyed most …. working out who his family was.

They don’t make ’em like her any more!

Rest in peace, Auntie Vera.



  1. How wonderful – she sounds like one of those people who lives for others more than for herself…. I feel truly humbled… wish I was like that. Yay… RIP Auntie Vera :yes:


    1. Well I think she was a farmer’s daughter who was used to knowing everyone and everyone knowing her, and the community there is so small that most people know where everyone else comes from! The rellies over there love nothing better than spending hours talking …the Irish haven’t lost that sense of community – unless they are ‘the other denomination’ of course … 😦


  2. I hate to contradict you at a time of bereavement, but, your aunty Vera would not be out of place where I live. It’s always important to find out the family networks, as well as enjoy the ‘craic’. As for goodbyes, you do have to allow extra time for them. I find myself doing the same thing now!

    What a shmashing lady.


  3. I loved this post …and hearing about Auntie Vera….God bless her little cotton socks!!! What a gem eh…she reminds me completely of my Auntie Marcia, one of eleven too and the salt of the eart. She has been given a few months to live and yet she is still the eternal optimist. She won’t let anyone leave either and talks at the car for ages before finally giving it a ferocious thump as we pull away. We still sit in her kitchen too. She had throat cancer so can’t speak now…does that stop her….gosh no. She whispers so loud we can hear every word she says, even on the phone…..they don’t make them like her and Vera anymore…for sure!!! xxx


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