Here we are, at one of those superduper indoor play areas for kids, One Direction blasting from the noise box, little children jumping up and down to it, trays of pizza being carried around to the different birthday parties around the place, grandson hanging upside down with his mates, Wizz up there with the best of them … she has just been invited to join the same birthday party, because a couple of friends haven’t turned up.

Hub, wisely, has wandered off elsewhere.

And I’ve found this wifi spot with computers …

Only another hour to go 😉 and then we take them home to see Mummy who flew in from Boston this morning with only 3 hours’ sleep under her belt after a very busy Lancet Commission. We could watch the live stream, which was brilliant for the kids because they could see Mummy talking to people and sitting at the top table (looking exhausted, thinks her mother) … anyway, hope she’s getting a bit of kip now that the house is quiet for a few hours.

And we’re not even allowed to eat the snacks I’ve brought (not realising that this is the rule here) – we are supposed to buy all our food.

Shall keep the kitkat in my pocket a closely-guarded secret |-|




  1. Awwwhh….you must be worn out yourselves! I bet it’s feet up when you get home with a large mug of coco….glad daughter is safely home and hopefully she can catch up a little on her sleep. I bet you miss the little darlings as soon as you get home!xxx


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