Here at our daughter’s house I’ve just read a book she has found invaluable, ‘Boundaries’ by H Cloud and J Townsend.  Although it’s very American and accordingly I found the style a bit irritating, it makes some very pertinent and, to my mind, important points. 

This quotation chimes in so well with the book’s positive, practical message.


17 thoughts on “PERSONAL VALUE

    1. No, I normally give them a very wide berth 8| …. but in this case it has some constructive comments about relationships which are often ignored, neglected or not known about.


  1. Interesting quote and well worth a ponder…. :yes: It is a wonderful thing to sometimes realise one doesn’t have to justify oneself for somebody else’s ‘attitude’… Bizarrely I am thinking of Pontius Pilate?? when he said ‘I have said what I have said’ and sometimes think of that when somebody makes me feel all squirmy and as if I have to justify myself….


  2. Submerging ourselves to others will, being suborned, would fit that quote. Many a true word…. Many examples of it are to be found, some less visible than others.


      1. I suspect it’s very common in relationships for both men and women, to find themselves in a one which makes one person anxious to please, for whatever reason – and the other person may well enjoy the power that it gives them, thus creating a vicious circle. This kind of ‘saying’ encourages a re-think about the power-play at work in the relationship, and may result in changes in attitude, in which case the one who is profiting from such a psychological game may well find his/her ‘fun’ is spoilt. Hence it becomes a ‘spoiler alert’.


  3. This particularly applies to people who constantly criticise you. You don’t have to prove yourself to those people. The only person you need to prove yourself to is – yourself.
    A good quote to remember. Thanks for the reminder. 😀 x


    1. It’s easy sometimes to find we’ve slid into that sort of mindset without really noticing: this helps to remind us that we don’t have to go along with the negative opinions of others, as you so rightly say.


  4. I think it means the other person has assessed your worth and possibly made a big mistake……………

    We are all made in the image of God so there are no excuses except for those who don’t know it.

    My son is a GP ; I encourage him to go to church. He answered that he feels a hypocrite when he goes.
    I reminded him that he is the hands of God!


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