We gave a lift to a friend of ours from church this afternoon, as it’s cold and it was bucketing with rain.  She’s in her very feisty 80s – nothing keeps her down! 

She plays the organ for various churches and last Sunday went directly from one of ours, where she’d played for the 9.30 service, to the Catholic church which started at 11am.  Having waited for the bus she realised it wasn’t coming, so she walked – and that’s a long walk, too.  It was pouring with rain and by the time she reached the Catholics her skirt was soaked.

The service had already started so she climbed up quietly to the organ loft.  Nobody was with her up there and she discovered the radiator in the loft was on, so with a quick look round, she promptly undid her skirt and took it off and put it on the radiator.

And played for the rest of the service in her petticoat…

… only putting on her skirt again to go down for Communion, by which time it was dry

What a character.  In the Hausa language we used to talk about ‘karfin hali’ – having a strong, indomitable spirit.  Tess has it in spades!


18 thoughts on “SKIRTLESS ORGANIST

    1. She’s gorgeous … thick crinkly grey hair combed and pinned very firmly into the nape of her neck, huge strong glasses, lovely blue eyes, and always full of enthusiasm – she can give most of us a run for our money!


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