“Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the present, and renders the future inaccessible.”
Maya Angelou

Yes indeed …. but I wonder if we really know our own prejudices?? 

And if we know what they are, how easy is it, or how willing are we to ditch them?

And what is the opposite of prejudice – is it tolerance?

And are there limits to tolerance?  Are there things that should not be tolerated?

Of course there are … loads of them.  Poverty, injustice, violence …

So toleration is good but it’s not enough – we need guiding principles too …

And once we’ve decided what those should be, would other people then call them prejudices???

Just wonderin’ …


32 thoughts on “DRAGON OF PREJUDICE

      1. Of course there are … loads of them. Poverty, injustice, violence. Actually I have spent most of adult my life fighting them. Firstly through politics itself, and now through political action by writing in my blogs and expressing my opinion on Facebook.


    1. Yes, it’s complicated … and the thing that interests me is, what happens when we all draw our lines and develop our standards in different ways about different things??? What happens to society when we are all creating our own personal moral code :??:


      1. It would be an interesting exercise, to have lots of people make a list of the morals and ethics which they think are important. That way we might arrive at a common code, which I’m not sure we have at present 🙄


      2. That certainly would be interesting, and most insightful, if it was anonymous I bet you’d see some SHOCKING admissions.When I was training to be a social worker I had to produce a questionnaire on race issues which was filled in anonymously, some of the replies were openly racist but what shocked me was the deep rooted hate and malice in some of the replies, lots of people hide there true feelings in today’s world which is a scary thought.xxx


      3. We are always in relationship so what we think of as out own comes from all of our relationships ans so must be shared by some others.Without that speech and communicationa nd values would not exist,i9n my view


      4. Yes,but that nay be an error.I read this
        Relational Being: Beyond Self and Community [Paperback]
        Kenneth J. Gergen
        because I read,The saturated self by him and he is a very good thinker and would probably be similar in views to you and me on that.
        I just picked up his books by accident and I read them because now and then find a writer who seems to sing my way…
        Individuakity has been carrried to extremes as has “independence”.We all need friends and others….


      5. Of course we do, and other cultures understand this much better than us. The importance of relationality is directly related to my MPhil thesis, too – it’s at the heart of our understanding of God as Trinity.


      6. Yes,of course.I do remember.Gergen is a really appealing writer…though not specifically Xtian.He may even be Jewish for all I know.But his book is about society as a whole.
        Here we don’t hear about it enough really though some peopleget it via Meditation and similar practices.My spelling has gone to pot since I got the computer!
        practise,practice… it used to be automatic with the pen!!


      7. I can’t touch type but I think I should learn.Do your fingers ache?I had a bout of it in July when my right hand was curled up and I could not open it out.I went to the emergency doc… he said it was a flare up” but it went better slowly… but harder to get leather gloves o
        I would hate not using a pen…you can get little gadgets to make the pen fatter
        r so it’s easier to grip..or if you paint you can put them on the brush.It’s a shock when it happens…..my husband has none of this at all.. genes?


      8. Mine’s osteoarthritis, and it’s crept up on me a bit faster this year, not only in my left-hand fingers, which makes me clumsy, but also in my right foot, which has stopped me driving. Ho hum. Maturity!


      9. I am so sorry to hear that/I have it in my knees…. that’s why I write as the painkillers are not good for one……I never knew what constipatin was before I took those…
        I write funny things to get a laugh which helps me ev en if nobody else likes them… and it’s free too!
        Shame you can’t drive living down there…


  1. my that is a whole can of worms right there isnt it? I think tolerance is something that should always have parameters and you have to set those yourself. But I do agree that it is a very fine line to tread between tolerance and prejudice a knife edge we must all walk along :yes:


    1. You have such excellent ideas … *beetles off into kitchen to put kettle on* … I’ve still got some chocolate hidden away from the hungry hordes … want some???


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