‘Those who change the course of history are usually those who pose a new set of questions, rather than those who offer solutions.”
(Gustavo Gutierrez)

What do you think?



  1. I think a good question must come from accurate knowledge. Much of our media broadcasts partial information, misinformation and damned lies. The prevalence of poverty arouses a very strong response in me provoked by the actions of several governments in this country. Poverty is not programmed into our DNA, it is not part of the natural order of life. It comes from the specific behaviour of men, I say men advisedly Although one woman played her part in recent history. It is an intended aim of our political, economic and social systems.
    First comes the question, is this the kind of society we want? As you can see I would answer a firm no. Secondly is a fairer, more just society possible? If the answer is yes, then how do we bring this about peacefully.


    1. Couldn’t agree more with all of your statements, Silver. Interestingly, the quotation, as you may know, comes from Gutierrez who was hugely influential in developing ‘liberation theology’ which made such a practical difference in S America, and which talked about God’s ‘preferential option for the poor’. The test of a government and a society is how they treat the poor, disempowered and marginalised. Which leaves this current govt at pretty well zero.


  2. its so true we all learn by asking questions and you or I will never know everything so questions is the only way to go, what if?, Why?, How? and Who? are some of the most powerful words in our language.


  3. “What if?” has so many variables. It can be positive or negative. “What if that stuff falling from the sky was not snow, but money?” (It would lose its value very quickly!) Or you could ask “What can I do about global warming?” or global greed? or many not global greed but my greed? Maybe just deciding which questions can fall into the answerable quality can be interesting. Or a game to play when you are stuck in traffic.


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