One of my Christmas presents was an annual of the ‘Girl’ magazine (remember that?) from the years 1951-64.  Far away from everywhere on our remote little island of Tristan, some kind soul used to send these to us, along with the companion papers Eagle, Swift and Robin.  I much preferred Eagle …

My goodness, haven’t times changed.  I look at the fashion advice for young teenagers and they all look like their mothers.  And all the advice on being a better person and doing good … you wouldn’t get very far with that nowadays.

Then there’s the problem column ‘What’s your Worry?’ – here’s a sample:

Q.  Do you think it is right that we should be made to eat things we don’t like?  I hate beans, but although my parents know this they always make me eat them.

(Remember our parents not letting us get down from the table unless our plates were clean … ??)

A.  As a growing girl you need a good, varied, nourishing diet, but there is nothing in beans that you cannot get from other green vegetables.  We think that, although too much faddiness about food is a bad thing, everyone has the right to dislike one or two items of their diet and find a substitute.

It was all so innocent … and life was simple.  Provided, that is, that you weren’t faddy.


20 thoughts on “WISDOM FROM THE ‘GIRL’

  1. those were the days when there was questions about food rather than what parts of their bodies they should pierce or tips on how to stalk their favourite band members. 😉


    1. oooh yes – I used to love Dan Dare and my brother and I used to discuss the Mekon and the Treens endlessly! Prince Valiant was my hero, however …. but then, I am a girl 😉


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