Hub was preaching on that most beautiful story, where the risen Jesus makes a barbeque on the shore for his friends who have spent all night fishing and caught nothing.  It’s where he restores Peter, who denied him three times, and gives him a job to do:  ‘Feed my sheep.’  (http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=john%2021&version=GNT )

This sonnet by Malcolm Guite (priest, poet and songwriter)  lovingly captures Peter’s contradictions:

St Peter

Impulsive master of misunderstanding

You comfort me with all your big mistakes;

Jumping the ship before you make the landing,

Placing the bet before you know the stakes.

I love the way you step out without knowing,

The way you sometimes speak before you think,

The way your broken faith is always growing,

The way he holds you even when you sink.

Born to a world that always tried to shame you,

Your shaky ego vulnerable to shame,

I love the way that Jesus chose to name you,

Before you knew how to deserve that name.

And in the end your Saviour let you  prove

That each denial is undone by love.

(painting by by Kristin Serafini, showing Jesus on the shore awaiting the disciples who are out fishing)


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