… on priests!  I do like this pic of Pope Francis going back to the hotel on the bus with everyone else.

And this cartoon:

And I’m astonished and delighted with another bit of good news:

This fearsome-looking gentleman is the Ecumenical Patriarch of the mighty Orthodox Church, in Istanbul.  He has said he is going to attend the new Pope’s installation tomorrow.  A Patriarch has not attended such a thing since the Great Schism that split our churches apart, east from west … so it will be the first attendance since 1054   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is HUGE.  Having worked closely with the Orthodox Church in Romania etc etc and knowing how very … ahem … intransigent church leaders can be, and how much influence they exercise over the faithful, I am fair flabbergasted by this.

Are we all … FINALLY … starting to move in the ‘right’ direction ?  Towards each other, rather than away??  Trying to exercise a little love instead of hanging on to our illusory ‘power’ ???

May God grant it, amen, amen, amen !!!



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