The poet, Malcolm Guite, says he wrote this for “those heroic single parents who, for whatever reason, have found themselves bearing alone the burdens, and sharing with no-one the joys of their parenthood.”   And let’s hear it for single Dads too.

Mothering Sunday

At last, in spite of all, a recognition,

For those who loved and laboured for so long,

Who brought us, through that labour, to fruition

To flourish in the place where we belong.

A thanks to those who stayed and did the raising,

Who buckled down and did the work of two,

Whom governments have mocked instead of praising,

Who hid their heart-break and still struggled through,

The single mothers forced onto the edge

Whose work the world has overlooked, neglected,

Invisible to wealth and privilege,

But in whose lives the kingdom is reflected.

Now into Christ our mother church we bring them,

Who shares with them the birth-pangs of His Kingdom.


(From ‘Celebrating the Seasons’)



  1. Thank you for that. I have a friend who epitomizes these words, and although she is not a follower of Christ, she is the best mother in the world and single. This poem will be a gift to her.


    1. There are lots of secular poems for mums, but not that many decent Christian ones! Single mothers have not always been accepted and supported by the church – fortunately we seem to have learned by our mistakes (for once 😉 )


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