Had a lovely day yesterday seeing people from our Coventry days, who have also retired to Devon. We hadn’t been to visit their new home before, and it was a sunny day so great for wandering around their picture-postcard village and admiring the wonderful views from their little garden. The wife is a notable cook so we feasted on home-made bread and soup and then she introduced us to dunking doughnuts … bliss!

They used to run a retreat house and I’ve been on their retreats a number of times. They are both very gifted and between them are able to handle a huge range of spiritualities, so we think they are a bit special. We decided we’d like to meet about once a month for a catch-up, lunch and a bit of a pray together.  More bliss!

Bliss is the right word, we discovered … they’ve been asked to run some Lent courses in some of the local churches, under the title ‘the river of blessing’ … but there’s a typo in the parish magazine, and they find they are running ‘the river of blissing’ instead  Let’s hope so 

Then today, as it’s been lovely  and SUNNY  and DRY  we decided to drive over to Brixham again, and enjoy the walk along the seawall and have a cup of tea overlooking the beach.  On our way home we popped in on a couple whom we’ve only met recently – also newly-retired – and  got ourselves another cuppa and a chat.

It’s strange, watching how the threads of life sometimes reappear from the past to form a new pattern in the present;  and how new threads appear and add to it.  Who knows what the pattern will be like?


God the weaver, making patterns,
spinning threads throughout our days –
Joy and sadness interwoven,
strands of sorrow, strands of praise.
Help us to discern your weaving
in the multi-coloured maze.

Teach us, Lord, to trust your guidance
when the pattern is not clear,
and to feel your strength and comfort
when life’s fabric’s torn by fear.
Help us sense that in the dark times
Lightening love is always near.

When we see the pattern changing
and a new direction starts,
let us know your love unbroken
winds through life in all its parts
by the threads of love and friendship
closely woven in our hearts.

Though we never see the picture
with your sense of space and time,
help us, Lord, to take our places
in our faith’s continuing line,
as all lives are interwoven
in your final grand design.

Marjorie Dobson
© 1996 Stainer & Bell Ltd


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